Friday, June 27, 2008

Lilly chill'in out in the stroller this afternoon...she had a DR appointment today and she now weighs 9LBS!!! She is just growing so fast...becoming more and more alert. She trys so hard to hold her head up and loves to look around her...especially when Matthew and Madison are around.
Check out this pretty Princess!! My Mum found this cute dress up fairy dress when she was in Ireland and just knew Madison would LOVE it...she had it on all day yesterday {with her brothers sneakers that have a hole in the toe of them!!??} crazy little girl. THANK YOU NANNY!

And as if the Princess is not crazy enough there are 2 boys in the house with CRAZY mohawks!! Yes...this is the creation music festival hair do! I think they look cute though ;) These 2 crazy guys were at creation for 3 days...they left Tuesday morning with about 34 other people...Matthew was sooooooooooooo excited. He got to hang out with his buddy Joey for 3 whole days! WOW!! They had a GREAT time and returned home 2am Friday morning! Next year we plan on taking the whole family...that should be fun and not stressful at all!! LOL ;)

So after looking through my MANY pics of miss Lilly i noticed there are none {well maybe one} pictures of me with my baby :( So i had PJ snap a couple today. We took a long walk in the strollers and Lilly in her snugli.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A little update...

So we are surviving! Things are going well so far...Lilly sleeps great at night, her jaundice is clearing up and she is super alert a lot of the day.
This pic is for my Mum!! YES...Lilly spits! Just like my other 2 kids...Lilly spits up a lot! She even managed to get it all over her face...and clothes and ME!! I was hoping to get at least one child that did not spit up but no such luck...i am meant to have spit up stains on me for another year! {sigh!}

Miss Madison LOVES her little sister...she loves to hold her...ALL THE TIME! She insists that Lilly has her paci at all times...when she even makes a little squeak Madison is right there with the binkie in hand ready to shove it in Lilly's mouth! Good thing Lilly actually likes her binkie or we would be in trouble! LOL

This pic cracks me up...her facial expressions are so funny sometimes...what a cutie :)

Well we are back to walking...i cannot wait until i get the go ahead to start running again...Lilly LOVES her snuggly! She goes right to sleep in it.

So this was short and sweet...but i don't have a lot of time to blog long posts these days. You all just want to see pics anyway! ;) I will try to take more pics and post often...Janine you would not believe how much Lilly has grown since you left a week ago! She has a DR appointment next week so we will find out how much she weighs then...she is already up to 8 lbs 2 ozs!! {that was 3 days after she was born!}.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lillian Grace is HERE!!

This time last week i was in the hospital about to meet my little girl.
Lillian Grace Cathcart was born Sunday June 8th at 10:34am.
She weighed 7 lbs 15.4 ozs..
she was 19.5 inches long!
5 days overdue!!!
she has TONS of dark black hair...
Labor and delivery went super well...remember i had mentioned a while back that i wasn't sure if i would get my midwife this time because it was only a 50/50 chance of her being on call...well she wasn't on call :(
BUT...she had told the other midwife that if i came in when she wasn't there that she had to call her and she would come in just for me!! How sweet was that! So i ended up getting my midwife and the other midwife on call. The DR on call came to see how things were going after Lilly was born and he said "So...your the celebrity that got Janet into the hospital on her day off!!"...LOL
Lilly was also 5 days overdue! We thought she would never sister made a trip from Ireland to be here for the birth and to spend time with Lilly after she was born. We were starting to worry that Janine would not see Lilly at all!!
My Mum and Dad were leaving for Ireland on the of course they were also freaking out that they would not get to see Lilly before they left.
Well apparently my Grandma in Ireland was praying that Lilly would be born on her birthday...and what Maisie wants Maisie gets i guess because Miss Lilly was indeed born on her birthday!!! One day before my parents left for Ireland and 4 days before Janine left to go back to Ireland.
Right now as i type this Lilly is laying beside me in her boppy sleeping soundly.
She is so beautiful...and such a good little baby. I could just stare at her all day long!
The other kids LOVE her so much...always wanting to know where she is and wanting to hold her.
If you would like to see pictures of the kids you can visit my sisters ROCK'IN blog...she did a wonderful job capturing those first few days with Lilly...we really appreciate and LOVE all the pictures.
I will be back to my blogging self soon...