Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some random stuff and a preggo pic...

So, i am completely obsessed with picture frames...they are pretty much all over my house. Of course i need them all because i have soooooooo many gorgeous pictures to display...most of which my sister took! This is my most recent picture frame and i LOVE it. PJ bought me it for Valentines day. I just got it up on the wall today...isn't it cute!
Another obsession of mine is lamps! I also have lamps all over the house!! LOL I just bought 2 of these lamps for my livingroom and i LOOOOOOOVE them...they are so pretty, although i am scared to death the kids are going to throw something and break them!! LOL But it is a chance i am willing to take to have them :)

Well here i am 26 weeks pregnant!!!!!! WOW is all i have to say....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Simple Pleasures...

Who would have thought a laundry basket could be the source of so much fun not only for the ENTIRE day on Friday but also all day today too!!!! LOL
I had it sitting out as i am slowly but surely getting laundry done...the kids asked if they could play with it and i said "sure". It has been a fort, a sled, a car, a bathtub you name it. Infact right as i type this post my kids are giving each other rides around our kitchen in it!! LOL

Matthew also got new sneakers! Apparently they make him run faster and jump higher...they also help him balance better!! LOL He LOVES them...and wants to wear them ALL THE TIME! The poor boy grows out of his shoes quicker than i can keep up! He was in much need of some new footwear!

On the scrappy scene...
I got 2 of my cards requested for July's CARDS magazine...
I have never been published in this mag before so i am excited to see it!!
I also had a layout requested for July Scrapbook Trends is one i completed a couple of weeks ago and i LOVE it...i used a new technique on it!!! ;)
Can't wait to see it!
I have been working away on pages and cards...can't share just yet though.
I have also been re-organizing my scrap space and am loving it.

Hope you are all having a great weekend. We are planning on cleaning out the junkroom some more today...crazy exciting huh??!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hey everyone!
Thought i would do a quick update as i haven't blogged in a couple of days...ok, so it's been almost a week!!!!!

Last weekend i ended up getting the flu again...i spent the weekend alone, just me and the toilet! LOL
Madison went to my Mum and Dad's and Matthew went with PJ to his teen retreat. Luckily the sickies did not last too long and i was feeling normal again by Monday!!

Matthew had a DR appointment yesterday...he has his KINDERGARTEN registration on thursday!!! He needed a physical so that meant SHOTS!! 3 of them!! He was very brave and just cried a little...he is all set now for school!

I also made a quick card "Have fun on your Birthday" card!
Just playing around using some scraps.

Not much else going on lately...the baby and i are growing! YIKES!! I am so hungry lately but trying to distract myself with cleaning and scrapping!! LOL I have been craving salty stuff like crazy...especially chips, so we are not allowed chips near the house!!!!! LOL {i seriously would eat them ALL!!!!}.

Friday, February 15, 2008

24 weeks!!

Here are my 24 week pics! This pregnancy is just flying in!!! I LOVE my belly!!!!!

Here is Miss Madison yesterday...she got a cute treat bag from Nanny and DanDan for Valentines day and there was flipflops and cute hair clips and candy in it!!! She LOVED it...the flipflops crack me up...she insisted on putting them on right away and wearing them with her socks!!! Silly girl!

Well this pic is so blurry...but this is the reaction of a little boy who was just told he has finally saved up enough money {his own money i might add} to buy himself a DS!!! He has wanted one FOREVER and decided he was going to save his own money to get one. Well yesterday was the big day...and i think he was is hard to tell!!! LOL

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thank you Aunt Heather and Uncle Brian!!!! was just so exciting!
PJ came home at lunch time with some mail...and there was 2 cards for the kids!!
They LOVE to get mail {they were running around and jumping and screaming}...then there was even more squeals of delight as they opened their cards and discovered that it was Transformers {Matthew's fav at the minute} and DORA! {Madison is completely obsessed with Dora}. Madison is currently taking a nap with her card held against her chest with a death grip!!! LOL And Matthew has put his card by his bed so he can look at it when he goes to bed tonight!!
Thank you Aunt Heather and Uncle Brian for such a nice treat for Valentines day...we LOVE you too!!!! :)

Today we also had a snow day and have spent the morning baking...Matthew wanted to make treats for his friends and some neighbors. We made chocolate chip cookies and then we made cupcakes and then as if that was not enough we also made a cake!!! LOL Matthew is out at the minute delivering his cookies with daddy. I took a pic of him before he left. {above}. I have lots of kids here i have been kept pretty busy!!! I know i will collaspe at the end of the day!

And on the scrappy front...i have some exciting news also.
2 nights ago i got an email from Bead Trends magazine requesting one of my little projects i made for Miss Madisons new big girl will be published in the July/August issue :) I have never been in this mag so i am so excited to see a copy of it!!! I have been very inspired by beads lately.

So that's all for now...
We have a busy weekend ahead.

Monday, February 11, 2008

No complaining.... what's up with the title you might ask??
This Sunday in church we were set the challenge to go 21 days without complaining!
We were given a bracelet to wear that says "A complain free" on it. Apparently this world complains too much! What i have to do to complete this is go 21 days {one after the other} without complaining...if i mess up i have to move my bracelet to the other arm and start my 21 days over again...we are going to see how long it takes to actually complete the 21 days!! They have a website that i believe is if you want to check it out. You could even try it yourself! I have switched my bracelet once already! so here's to complain free blogging...and a complain free 21 days!!! :)

Saturday night we turned one of the tags on the count down to valentines day calendar and it was "Make someone special a card" out came the stickers and glue and paper!!! Matthew made a card for his buddy Ethan and Madison decided to make one for Mrs Sue {her Sunday school teacher}...they loved making them! I even taught Matthew the art of sanding over embossed paper to make the pattern pop out!!! LOL He thought that was cool...of course he covered the entire card with Transformer stickers but he still had fun sanding it!

I also got a little creative. I have these cute little bottles that i actually picked up from our churches Outpost store. I made the little flowers to go in them and filled it with glass micro beads and they will sit on my new shelf that has been ordered and should be here in a couple of weeks!!! :) YEAH!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday morning...

We are having a quiet relaxing day!
This morning i got up and made some muffins...they were soooooooo YUMMY!!! I have been in the mood to bake lately...and cook, trying new things in the kitchen. I don't do that very often.

I also made a cute little gift bag. It is for Madison sunday school teacher for Valentines day...she is so good to Madison. :)

This week has been busy...our Wednesday night childrens program at the church has started back up, it is so fun! the kids are AWESOME. We also have our cafe that night at the church so that means NO COOKING for me!!! YEAH!
I had a DR appointment on thursday...which was probably the worst appointment i have ever had at that office. Not only did the DR make us wait in a pokey little room that was about 100 degrees but The DR was so rude and mean...he told me i had to watch my weight because he only wanted me to gain a total of 20 lbs this pregnancy {which is definitely NOT happening!!!}...he said i am on my way to gaining 50-60 lbs...which is so not true. I haven't gained a lot so far...infact this is the smallest i have been with any of my pregnancies. He then said i sounded canadian...even though i told him i was from N.Ireland...he said he didn't believe me. He had a student with him and he had her try to find the heartbeat which she couldn't but he said it was ok because the baby was moving all my appointment came down to him saying "You are too fat"...snd i didn't get to hear the heartbeat {which is my fav part}. needless to say i won't be going to see him again!
We watched "The waitress" last night.
It was a quirky little movie...i enjoyed it. PJ even watched it with me...he was all prepared to sit and surf the internet while i watched my movie...but he got into it too!! Tonight we have "Ghost rider" to watch...maybe i will need the laptop for that one!! LOL

Monday, February 4, 2008

A lil' LOV'IN :)

Today Madison and I got some quality girlie crafty time and i saw this cute little project on a blog and wanted to try it with Madison {thank you Dana Tate!!!}...
It is a countdown to Valentines Day calendar...Madison LOVED making it and i had fun helping her...we counted and colored and used LOTS of stickers!!! LOL there are 10 days left until Valentines day and each tag is for each day. Under the tags are little fun things for Madison and Matthew to bake cookies for someone or make a card for a friend...stuff like that. It is really cute. Thanks again Dana for the idea!! :) You'll have to excuse Madison's funky hair today too...she is a busy little lady and had just got back from Swim lessons before we made this!!!

My weekend was fun...we went shopping on Saturday to Erie...Madison got somemore quality girl time in the mall while Daddy and Matthew were playing paintball {well Matthew was watching, he is too young to play}. I got to shop for baby boy clothes {no...i am not having a boy that i know of, these are for a friend of mine that is having a little boy in May!!! HI ANA!! ;) }.

Sunday night of course was was a good time, i ate waaaaay too much...and actually enjoyed some of the game...i am not a fan of football, but there was some exciting parts! Tha baby seemed to like was kicking away the whole evening!

Friday, February 1, 2008

HAPPY Feb. 1st!!

I can't believe it is Feb. already!!!!!

Jan. flew in. We have a snow day today so you can bet i will not be leaving the house...i have kids here until 5pm then we will watch movies all night!!! LOL Or maybe scrapbook?? Or both!!

We watched Eragon last night...i hate those types of movies, i have no interest in fiction like that...dragons and such. PJ on the otherhand LOVES them...the movie wasn't great though...and that's even according to PJ...he read the book and he said they skipped so much of the book, which is usually what happens in movies like that...too much to squeeze into a movie. The evil guy in the movie was so funny just kinda looked like he needed a week in Florida and some chapstick!!! The budget for this movie must have been very little!!

ANYWAY...sorry for the rant! I made a little card, thought i'd share!