Monday, December 31, 2007

Give me your BEST smile!!!

LOL!!!! So last night i was just messing with my camera in our poorly lit Kitchen while the kids where eating pizza...i asked them both to give me their very best smiles!!! Well...if this is their best, i don't know! it's kinda scary!!! LOL
I also scrapped yesterday...the layout is of my gorgeous sister Heather on her wedding day!!! Isn't she a stunning Bride! LOVE these pictures of her. She also got her wedding album from my other Sister Janine...who did the pictures for her wedding and then made her the most gorgeous album...very unique and beautiful! I am quite jealous as Janine was not into photography and stuff when i got married so i missed out on her talent :( She took the above pictures...and that's just 2 of many many many beautiful pictures!!!!
Well...I am out.
We plan on having a family night watching movies and hanging out.
Nothing too exciting but much needed after all the running around at christmas!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


So Christmas is over.
Wii....had a GREAT Christmas!!! ;)
YES...I got PJ a Wii!!! LOL
It wasn't easy...but we had quite the story to tell him when he opened it!!
He was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo was GREAT!!!! LOL
Let's just say some guy from my sisters work ended up getting him one after my Mum stood in line day after day only to have them sold out from under her!!! Then to top it all off we put it in the Hughes family bingo game!!! LOL PJ never wins bingo {everyone brings a $5 gift and we play bingo to win them!!}...little did he know his wii was among those gifts!!! I decided to pick out a bingo card for him telling him it was definitely a winner...well turns out it was!!!!!!!!! He won the first game of bingo!!!!! {this was not set up in anyway at all!!!} of course i talked him into opening the big box with the gold bow....i think he almost fell off his chair when he opened it and we all cheered "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!"....we all LOVE it!! It was definitely worth all the standing in line and shopping for one!!! :)

I also got my Jan 08' kit!!!!
It arrived just before Christmas so i really had no time to do anything with it until now!!! It is gorgeous! LOTS of cute embellishments and paper. The ribbon is beautiful. I made a layout of my sister and her husband using it and one other little project that i will share later!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

The count down is on until my big sonogram!!! BOY or GIRL????
Jan. 3rd will tell {fingers crossed!}

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Time to update!!

So...i guess it is time to update my blog before Christmas comes rushing upon us!!! LOL
I posted one of the pics i took of the kids by the tree...we had quite the photoshoot and i have to say this is one of the better pics i just don't like to cooperate sometimes!! hehe...
I have also been working on some scrappy stuff...i made this Family mini album and i totally LOVE it...these seem to be my fav colors to work with lately {brown and pink!}
The layout is for the baby book...thought i had better start scrapping the preggo pics now before the baby gets here and i have no time to scrap!!
Things have been good...
We have been BUSY {like everyone i guess}...
Madison is sick at the minute...she has double ear infection and is very congested but she is on the mend...hopefully by christmas she will be 100%.
I have been busy wrapping gifts and baking cookies for the million parties we have to go to...tomorrow is Matthews Christmas party in preschool and they sing songs and stuff and Santa comes to is always so cute!! Can't wait for that.
Well...that's all for now,
If i don't get posting again before Christmas i hope you all have very HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! :)

Friday, December 7, 2007

14 weeks...

So i made it...
to the 2nd trimester that is!! :)

I am currently just over 14 weeks. I feel good...and i may even be feeling some very light movement, just little flutters...i can't wait for those big kicks in the ribs!! LOL

I made PJ take some pics by the tree thursday...after i took the kids Christmas pictures...which actually turned out really cute!
Watch for your cards in the mail family!! ;)
Hey, i just noticed that i wear a lot of PINK!! LOL
Almost every preggo pic so far i am wearing pink in it!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

House of books...

Madison and Benji at it again...
they aren't happy unless ALL the toys and books are out and spread all over the floor!! LOL
this time though it was for a good reason...they were making a house of books....looks very nice i must say!!! LOL

I always wonder what i will find next...

Monday, December 3, 2007

and for my 100th POST...


5 to 10 weeks...

Well i guess i will start sharing some pregnancy pics...

The bump isn't much to look at YET!! But trust me i am working on a good sized bump for the weeks to come!!! LOL

This is me starting at 5 weeks then 8 weeks then 10 weeks...

I am currently 13.3 weeks and will take another pic this week sometime...
I think i have grown a little since my 10 week pic...
so stay tuned for more belly shots soon!! ;)

Everything is going well so far...i am over my sickness and i don't feel nearly as tired...i am craving fruit {which is GOOD!!} and salty things.

My next appointment is on the 13th and we will likely set up our ultrasound appointment!! I am excited for that one...hopefully we will beable to find out what we are having!! :)

The kids are getting so into it all...Matthew has went from not really caring to asking TONS of questions...and praying for the baby everynight before he goes to bed :)