Monday, June 25, 2007

Wedding Pictures are up...

Check out some AWESOME wedding pics on my sisters blog!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's the BIG DAY!!!!!!!!

So today my little sister gets Married!!

I am so excited for her...she will be here in ten minutes so we can go get our hair done!

All the planning, all the stress, all the fun, now the day is here!

I don't know what we will do once this day is over!! LOL

I hope and prayer that everything goes smoothly and that they both enjoy their special day...Brian is a GREAT guy and we all just LOVE him :)

Gotta go.... i'll be back later with details, pics, and all that good stuff!

Thanks for stopping by my blog....have a GREAT day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Matthew has moves too!

Matthew just had to make a dancing guy after he saw i said i would post it on my blog for you guys to see!! He thinks it is soooooooo funny!


BLING'IN Bridal shower!

Check out my sisters blog for more pics of our "Bring your Bling" bridal shower!
LOTS of fun :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dancing Queen

Check me out!

check out this cute little frame...

Hey everyone...i made this cute little frame a couple of months ago...and am only getting to post it now!! LOL I made it using Bazzill Basic's big tags and tied it together using polka dot ribbon. SO FUN and EASY to make!

Well we had my sisters wedding shower on went very well. the theme was "Bring your Bling" sister LOVES everything Hollywood and that lifestyle! So we wore our blingiest jewelery and shoes and my older sister made tanktops with "Heather's Bridesmaids" written in Bling...Heather got one that said "Bride". I will have pics of that up soon so check back :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Here is the goofy pic...

Well here they are...

On their way to Sugar Grove!


They are on their way!!!!!!

That's right folks...i just got an email and a goofy pic from my sister to say they have arrived in America and are on their way here!!! :) SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!

Hi!!! [if you are still reading my blog!!}

Lots of scrappy goodness to share...i finished up all my stuff for OPAAT July kit! This kit was one of my very fav's!! So much fun...lots of Love Elsie! Doesn't get much better now does it??

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Look what i got in the mail...

I got my comp copy of Scrapbooking: Style Defined book this morning!!!

I LOVE it...i think they got my style so right...they said i am Urban Chic...i love bling and sparkles and cute bright colors...SO ME!! It seems like FOREVER ago i sent this layout in for is an older layout of of the first ones i did when i made the switch from 12x12 to 8.5x11, i think my style has improved a lot since this layout...but it fun to look back and enjoy!
Keep reading...i posted a pic of my patio furniture and you can wish my hubby a happy birthday today :)

Eat'in on the patio...


Yep...we got our new patio furniture set up last night and ate dinner outside! Matthew wanted PB&J and Madison wanted hotdogs!!! LOL So that is what we had, i have to say i like the patio set...and i plan on getting some cute potted plants and flowers for around the deck. Madison was afraid of the flies and bees and she kept yelling "Yucky Bee Bug Mommy" i ended up having to let her eat her dinner inside where the Bee Bugs couldn't get her!!! LOL
Keep reading to wish PJ a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PJ!!!!!!! is my hubby's birthday! I won't tell how old he is!! LOL

I made him eggs and toast this morning and i made him a card...that i can't share YET because i made it using the July OPAAT kit...i will upload all my creations for that on thursday :) Anyway...just wanted to wish my love a very HAPPY DAY! I LOVE YA!

Monday, June 11, 2007


First pic is a sneak peek look at what i have been creating for OPAAT July kit!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh...TOO CUTE!

So check out the cute paper baskets i made this weekend!

LOVE easy to make too!!

Here is the link for instructions! if you make one be sure to post and let me know so i can check it out!!! :)

this weekend was busy...and we still are not done with the is coming along...but definitely taking longer than i had thought it would.

I started a mini album on Saturday is a transparency album and it is so cute...i am not done with it yet but when i get it finished i will post pics!

This next 2 weeks are going to be CRAZY for me...well actually this next 3 weeks are going to be crazy. Lots going sisters wedding coming up {which i am soooooooooo excited for!!!}...bridal shower next sunday, it is going to be so fun! Then Tuesday after the wedding we are heading to Creation Music Festival for 5 days!!! Can't wait...i hope it doesn't get cancelled like last year!!

Friday, June 8, 2007


I LOVE Friday's...the end of the week, start of the weekend.

This weekend is going to be jam packed...but packed with FUN!

I am going to pick up my bridesmaid dress tonight...i am excited to see it on after the alterations!! My MIL is also going to help me with some decorations i am making for my sisters Bridal shower which is coming up real soon!!! :)

Saturday...we will probably be right here removing wallpaper and painting and getting my house back together!!! LOL I LOVE that we are decorating but i hate the mess...stuff everywhere. the wallpaper in the 2nd room is coming off a little easier than the livingroom that is good. My Dad and PJ got the new wallpaper up lightening quick the other night in our livingroom...and last night PJ painted around the windows and baseboards and is so exciting! :) I aso bought a patio furniture!! I haven't got it yet...PJ will maybe pick it up's funny because i haven't even seen it yet, my Mum told me about this set and said it is gorgeous, so i told her to order me one...she did and now it is here, i can't wait to see it!!! LOL I will post pics later. Maybe when my livingroom is all done and back together!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


We are having a contest over at OPAAT!!!
Here is a link to the contest and the AWESOME prize package!! is GORGEOUS! I want it :)

Have FUN! Can't wait to see your pages!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Just one of *THOSE* weeks...

Well i had one of *those* weeks last week, ya know were nothing goes right...
everything SUCKS. Well it was just like started on Tuesday morning after Memorial Day...i went to bed the night of Memorial Day thinking it was Monday the next day...i usually watch a little girl on Tuesdays and she comes at 7am...well me thinking it was Monday didn't get up and so her poor Mom was left stranded...she ended up having to take her daughter to her sisters house...i felt SOOOOOOOO BAD when i did get up and heard the message on the answering machine...that was the start of a BAD week.
*Plans fell through on most everything i had planned
*Some sad news about a friend
*I ruined my fav tank top eva in the wash....along with some of Madison's really cute clothes and some of PJ's t-shirts
*The wallpaper in our livingroom is proving impossible to get off...uggggghhhhhh {why can't this stuff just be easy???}
*2nd load of laundry i managed to ruin more clothes....i can't even bare to look at them at the minute... {rolling eyes, i am usually not this bad at laundry!!! LOL}

I could probably go on and on...but you get my point. It was just one of *those* weeks...but it's looking up...things got better...and are getting better. So enough of me dwelling on the bad.
I got to scrap Friday night...i had my SIL and Cathy over...we ate cheesecake and fruit and chatted with some OPAAT girls online. We got to meet Linda :) She is so sweet and brought me the prettiest flowers! Thanks Linda! We stayed up until 2am!!! YIKES...then headed to CKC Buffalo the next was fun, lots to see and do. I spent waaaaaaaay too much money LOL
I came home and felt very inspired so i finished my page that i started the night before and entered it in the Lucky 7 contest at SB.Com here is the link to the layout!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Some Memorial Day pics...

 i know i am a little late in uploading my Memorial Day pics...but better late than never right??!! We had a GREAT fun. We went to my little sisters house...i still think it is so weird that *my* little sister has her OWN HOUSE!!! But it was such a beautiful day...really sunny and relaxing. Kids played in the pool, we had a BBQ...lay out in the sun...took a walk to check out the neighborhood!! It was so nice spending the day with my family...although 2 were missing :( My sister and her husband are in Ireland and all to often miss out on our family gatherings...we MISS them both...

On a happier note we will be seeing them in a couple of weeks for Heathers wedding...i am beyond EXCITED!!! Hurry up and get here... :)