Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I found this letter on my computer one morning last week! SWEEEET :) PJ knows i always check my email in the morning...and of course sb.com to see what's been going on there...well last Tuesday morning i found this note: {i think if you click on the picture it will enlarge it}.
Hi!! So this weekend we are heading to Cleveland! We are meeting up with Cathy and her family and Angela and Ava...i can't wait! We are taking the kids to the childrens museum or the science center. :) We also have a little trip to the archivers planned!! YEAH! Plus it is NSD {national scrapbook day} that day so there should be lots going on at the scrapbok store. I am just excited to get some new paper and stuff.

Not much else going on. We were supposed to get snow today but the sun is shining so that makes me HAPPY! We are all doing well...Oh Matthew has another wobbly tooth!

Friday, April 25, 2008

OK people...here there are!!!!!

Sorry these pics are not great...build a bear is in the mall with no windows or good lighting...i didn't have a flash at the time...so these are the best i could do. But at least you get the idea! Plus...to make matters worse my camera battery died after about 5 pictures :( I had left my camera on all night and did not realize it until we got to build a bear! Soooooooo anyway...hope they are everything you have dreamed of!! ;)

In this first pic Madison is giving her bear a bath...and brushing it!

Matthew waits for his turn...

Madison is all done and ready to pick her bears clothes out...this is my last pic before the battery went dead. Build a bear was so fun...both kids really enjoyed it.

And now i proudly introduce to you....the 2 newest members of our family....
PINKY Cathcart, born April 10th 2008, height 17 inches, weight 11 ounces, fur color: fushsia, Eye color:Black.

Andrew!!!!! Date of birth April 10th 2008, Height 16 inches, Weight 13 ounces, Fur color: Green, Eye color: Black!

I am trying here...

I am trying to upload the pics of build a bear right now and blogger won't let me!!!!!!!!!! UGHHHHHH...
So...you'll have to wait just a little longer...
I'll try again later.


LOL...Build a bear pics will be up today at some point!
i actually just had the kids outside getting pic's of their bears...so stayed tuned! ;)

I am true to my word...i promise! hehe...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Look what i got!!

It was my birthday April 15th!! PJ and the kids got me a sewing machine!!!!!!! I have wanted one for a while now...even though i have NO IDEA how to sew or use the thing!!! LOL I was so excited. So first thing first i had to learn how to thread the machine...good thing it came with a step by step manual!! That little book has been a life saver...i have been sewing away...just learning and trying it out. I can't wait to get better at it...i have BIG plans for this machine!! Madison needs curtains for her new room and i also want to make some other cute little projects!!
Of course it will be used for scrappy projects too...i just had to try it out on paper! So i used some scraps laying around and made this little card! It's not perfect by any means...but i love the scalloped edge stitch! So cute.

And of course i can't have a blog post without pics of the kids! {just for janine!!}...Look at that smile...too cute. Miss Madison is being her usual goofy self...i know i still have to post pictures of build a bear...i will do that in my next post...i want to get pics of the kids with their bears....and i keep forgetting.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Matthew had crazy hair day in Preschool Wednesday...so i thought how the heck can we make Matthew have crazy hair when he has no hair!!! LOL We thought about shaving shapes into it...or buying one of those crazy hair wigs...then we thought of colored hairspray! He LOVED this idea...so we sent PJ on a mission to find some...he got green and blue glitter spray!! LOL So that morning we colored Matthews hair green with blue polka dots!!! hehe...he looked great and he was so excited to show his buddies at school!! I think he was by far the craziest hair dude there!! Some kids had put gel in there hair and some had put it up crazy {those with long hair}.

I think he looks like a little punk with his hair and missing tooth grin!! He looks like TROUBLE!! LOL
**Heather, build a bear pics will follow later when i get them uploaded... :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


It's hard to believe that this time 3 YEARS ago you were just this tiny 6lbs 11oz bundle of baby!! So tiny. It doesn't seem possible that you can be 3 already, but today is your birthday!! You woke up this morning soooooooo excited...i came to get you and sang "Happy birthday" to you...then i brought you downstairs and showed you your cake!! LOL {sorry baby!!)...you get one of Mommy's famous cakes too! this time i decided to try some fancy frosting and decorating!!! LOL
We are having a little party for you with your friends this afternoon...and tomorrow we are off to build-a-bear!!!
I hope you have such a FUN birthday...we LOVE you TONS AND TONS.
(more pics to follow later!!!}

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A new smile...

The tooth fell out!!!!!!! Last night i was brushing Matthews teeth and that wobbly tooth was so close to falling out!! So i told PJ and he thought it would be a good idea to get it out before Matthew went to bed...we were kinda scared it would fall out during the night and Matthew would choke on it!! so PJ wiggled it and turned it a little bit and out it came!! It was sooooooo ready to come out! Matthew was super excited...we put it in an envelope and put it on the table downstairs for the Tooth fairy!! ;)
The tooth fairy came and left an envelope for Matthew saying "To Matthew...thank you for the tooth"...and she left him a dollar!!! :) He put it into his savings jar for the next game he wants to buy!! Now he has a new toothless grin! He is so excited to show off his new smile to his preschool teachers too.
in my next post there are my latest pages i have been working on!
Check them out.

Monday, April 7, 2008

It's been a while since i shared some pages with you...i have been working on stuff...just haven't posted it!! So here are a few of my layouts...i have more to come so keep checking back! I'll post some other stuff in the next few days,

I am loving beads lately...and have even used them on my pages some!
The weather has been great here this past couple of days...we have spent so much time outside enjoying the sunshine {i did hear we are supposed to get snow by sunday...UGHHH}...but hopefully it won't last long and the sun will shine again!!
i really need summer to be here NOW! LOL I am tired of being cold.
Oh...we had a big event here tonight that i can't wait to blog about...Matthew is pretty darn excited too!!! I'll post about it tomorrow!!