Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sickie baby :(

Poor Little Lilly...she has been coughing and coughing for over a week now. Matthew brought a nasty cough home from school a while back and it has been traveling through our family. Thursday night Lilly was coughing so much i couldn't sleep, i was so worried she was going to choke or something. So Friday i called her DR and made an appointment to have her looked at. Good thing i did, poor girl has bronchitis! She is now on an antibiotic and hopfully it will be all cleared up by Wednesday! She has been good though...not real fussy or anything, just her normal happy self with a horrible cough! The Dr advised me to lock her in her room and never let her out because she is so beautiful :) He said she will be a little heartbreaker! Lilly on the other hand was not too amused with him! LOL She bawled anytime he came near her! LOL

We have been busy busy this weekend getting ready for the MANY parties we have coming up this next weekend!
We have school parties, Halloween parties and Matthew's b-day party over the course of 2 days!! LOL

Maddie got her hair cut today and it is sooooooooooooo cute :)
I cannot wait to show pics...she looks so cute. I really tried to talk PJ into letting me get the girls ears pierced but it was a no go :( I REALLY wanted to do it while they are little so they won't poke at them and they won't remember the pain of getting them done {Lilly won't anyway}. Daddy is being stubborn though...but i am not backing down, i will keep talking about it until i drive him nuts and he gives in! LOL ;)

On the scrappy front i did make a little mini album with my Fall pics {below} and i LOVE it. I will post pics in a bit. It only took me one night to complete it! That's pretty impressive for me right now! LOL
Oh i gotta give my friend ANGELA a shout out...she got her first double page layout requested by CK this week!!! This is HUGE and i am soooooooo excited for her! I can't wait to see it in will be FABULOUS!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall fun...

Here goes...TONS of fall pics!! ENJOY!

These pics are for Uncle Andy! Matthew is loving his Manchester United football stocking cap!! He asked me to take these pics for you <3

Can you tell Lilly's had enough of the pics already!!! LOL
Matthew took this picture of me and Lilly...
Today we should have been at PJ's college homecoming in Grove City...unfortunately PJ had classes to take today for his ordination. We were so bummed they were on the same day as homecoming...we love going to Grove City and hanging out with Tom and Jennie and Toby, eating Chinese and letting the kids run wild together!! LOL
So while PJ is at his classes I took the kids outside to play in the massive amounts of leaves we have outside in our yard. They had so much fun throwing them and jumping in them, Lilly loved watching all the action! I of course took some pics and thought i would share them here on my blog :) I hope you all are having a lovely Saturday...
Umm...not sure why when i post pics there is more and more space inbetween each one?? Anyone else know why this is???
** YEAH Cathy...thanks, i fixed it :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scrap goodies...

I haven't fully got back to scrapping yet...but i did make a few wee things for Lilly. I used the gorgeous pictures my sister Janine took.

The first project is a creative imaginations gift card holder...i covered it in patterned paper and cut the flowers and such out. The butterfly is a Martha Stewart punch. I added little rhinestones and ribbon...and the cute blue gem :)

The second project is an altered shadow box...i used Ali Edwards idea {her butterfly frame} but instread of doing all butterflies i added some little prints of Lilly! I added rhinestones to the centers of the butterflies.

The third project is a hanging frame of Lilly...i used a MM metal frame...and punched holes in it using my crop-a-dile. I used ribbon to hang is also adorned with rhinestones and a pretty gem at the bottom. Oh...i also added a couple of beads to the ribbon! LOVE IT :)

Thanks for looking...hope you all have a GREAT wednesday!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunny days rock :)

We had AWESOME weekend weather! It was gorgeous out...Saturday evening we took the kiddoes to the playground to burn off some energy...Matthew's school has a GREAT playground. Matthew of course had to show me all his new tricks he has learned since going to school and getting to play on this playground everyday for recess :) Miss Lilly took a little nap in her stroller.
Maddie in her rock'in shades! She also had on a pretty pink dress with her blue whale rubber boots!! NICE :) She is so loving her rubber boots lately though...she looks for mud puddles everywhere we go!

Here is one of the MANY new tricks MAtthew was proud to show me...jumping off various playgroud equipment...

New toys ROCK :) Lilly has been wanting to be more active...she is always trying to sit up and see what all the other kids are up too! So i thought it was time to break out the jumper!! She LOVES it!! She hasn't quite got the hang of jumping in it...but i think VERY soon she will be jumping up and down like crazy!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Can you believe it?????!!!!!!!

Lilly is 4 MONTHS OLD ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know i say this every month but "She is growing waaaaaaay too fast!!". What a cutie pie she is too...she loves her Mommy and Daddy...we get LOTS of smiles. She is becoming "strange" with other people...she looks at us with her big blue glaring eyes as if to say "Why am i not in your arms!!" LOL She is becoming stronger everyday...trying to pull herself up to sit when she is in her little bouncy seat...rolling all over...scooting off her blanket. She is becoming more tolerant of tummy time now too. She is a talker! She babbles from the minute she gets up in the morning! She sleeps GREAT, and loves her nap times!
Now i don't normally put her in her swing to sleep...but she fell asleep in it the other day and it was so cute...she never did take to a paci {although we all tried very hard to get her to take one}...she LOVES her fingers instead! Here she is snoozing away sucking on her fingers.

I've been playing with my sewing machine!!! I have been making my own cloth wipes...PJ thinks i am becoming all crunchy Mama...but i just like being able to sew something and have it look like what it's supposed to look like!!!!!!! LOL ;)
We are still cloth diapering and so i thought why not make some wipes too...these are fleece with terry cloth back!
No big weekend plans here...thank goodness!
PJ and I are homeroom parents for Matthew's class which means we have to organize his class halloween party!!! So we will probably work on that! Gotta make it cool! Any ideas???

Thursday, October 2, 2008


You're look'in good! :) We hope you have an AWESOME birthday...LOVE you tons.
**Picture by Janine Walker!