Tuesday, May 29, 2007

She's a big girl now...

Maddie has a "BIG GIRL BED!!"...she thinks it is so CUTE! We finally got the crib out of her room and put the toddler bed up! Madison was quite chuffed with it. She is funny when we ask her about her bed she always says "Chute bed Mommy"...which means "Cute bed"...she hasn't attempted to get out of it yet either..she stays put...thank goodness. She LOVES the fact that she can get into it herself without any help. I have been slow to move her into her toddler bed...infact i have been slow to do anything "big girl" like...even potty train!! I am BAD i know...i guess you get lazier with each kid and i know how much i miss the baby stage. i promise that this next week i will start the potty training... {rolling eyes}...i can just hear my sister now "That is just gross...you still change her dirty diapers!!!"...LOL

Friday, May 25, 2007

Our little Graduate!!

Well last night Matthew graduated from first year of Preschool to the 2nd year of Preschool!!! LOL It was so cute seeing them up there singing their little hearts out...i was so impressed with them. The best part of the whole Graduation was afterwards when Matthew came back to sit with us he gave me the nicest hug i have ever got. He just hugged and hugged me, it was so nice and sweet!! LOVE this boy :) So Janine...here are some pics for you, the lighting in the building was AWFUL so i had to take them from far away then zoom in on them later....but at least you can see them and they are not super blurry!! :)

Keep reading below for some virtual Crop action on the www.onepageatatime.com website!! I'll be there as well as some other DT members... :)

Memorial Day scrappy FUN...

That's right ladies...OPAAT www.onepageatatime.com is having a crop on Memorial Day and there are prizes {and i mean TONS of prizes} to be won!!!! i will be hosting a challenge and some games between 2pm and 5pm...but there will be stuff going on all day!!!!! Right up until 2am!!! So come on over and enjoy the fun...you could be the winner of this AWESOME jar of embellishments made up by the lovely Capella!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

I ALMOST forgot...

to share my exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got a phone call today from Elisa who is the editor of scrappin trends ezine...i am now a part of their design team!!! I am very excited about this! Elisa said it is such a great opportunity...and she also said that pretty soon the ezine will be going to a paper magazine...she said that we are also welcome to go to CHA this july...i am thinking about it...my june/july are pretty busy though. ANYWAY...i am pumped up about this...so many GREAT opportunites! Check out the site and submit some work to their ezine.... www.scrappintrends.com :)

Fun times with the scrappy chicks!!

So this weekend was so fun...i got a ton done and i had so much fun. We ate waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much... {but i did manage to get a run in anyway...thanks for going with me Shelley!}...the little B&B was gorgeous...the rooms were all decorated so pretty...each room was different...the view was AMAZING! the couple that owned the B&B were so sweet...they made a YUMMY breakfast in the mornings...then we ate JUNK constantly ALL DAY...i think i gained about 20 lbs!!! LOL

Keep reading my last few posts...there are Zoo pics and Scrappy pics!!

Scrap goodies i have been working on...

I have been busy busy busy scrapping away here...here are some things i have been working on lately...

I also attended an AWESOME FUN weekend away scrapping for 2 days straight at a beautiful B&B in our gorgeous country side. It was so fun...i went with my friend Cathy and SIL Shelley...i got 4 mini albums done, 2 layouts almost finished {just needed journaling} and 2 cards...pretty good going for me!!

Keep reading...there is Zoo pics below!

Zoo day...

Matthew's preschool took a trip to the Zoo this past Friday...it was so fun.

The weather was perfect....not too hot and not too cold, it didn't rain which is AWESOME!

We had a great day...madison LOVED the animals, she was more into it all than Matthew was...she was yelling at them and laughing and didn't want to leave! Here are some pics of our day...Hope you enjoy!!


I have not forgotten about my blog i have just been SUPER busy these days...
I have so much to tell you all...so many exciting things to share...but it will have to wait for a bit longer...i will post tonight when my kiddo's are in bed...and my house is clean!! LOL Sorry i have been so quiet lately...be prepared for picture overload tonight..and some REALLY exciting news!!

LOVE Michelle.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scrappy bizz..

YEAH!! So i had a little time to play with the June kit from OPAAT...this kit is so fun and i really love the B&W with the splash of color. I created these 3 layouts...plus i have a giftcard holder that i need to take a picture of...i will post it tomorrow. Capella was so sweet and gave us the add-on kit as well this month...so i got soooooooo much stuff, i especially love the bling and scenic Route chipboard embellishments...oh and the Heidi Swapp date stamp is so cute!! Go check this AWESOME kit out at www.onepageatatime.com they don't last long so if you want some get your order in QUICK!!! LOL

Monday, May 14, 2007


This pic just cracks me up!! Madisons fav pose is to put her face right up to my camera and smile as big as she can!! LOL...i just laugh everytime i see this pic...so i thought i would share...it isn't anything gorgeous or awesome...just FUNNY!!! :)

Well...i hope you all had a lovely Mothers Day yesterday!! I did :) My kids got me new running shoes...which are too small so i have to take them back. Matthew was so excited, he wanted me to go running as soon as he gave them to me!! LOL But we were heading out to church. My Dad made dinner which was AWESOME! He made chicken and potatoes and veggies...he even set the table and picked wild flowers for the center!!!!!!! We were all very impressed! :) Then me, my Mum and sister went tanning...this was my 2nd time. When we got there the girl said all Mum's get a free tan!! YIPPIE!! Then of course we went shopping for a bit...hehe.

Well that's all my news for today...i am still running and enjoying it. I am considering doing a 5K in July but we will see how i am doing!! Thanks for reading my blog! Sorry i don't have any Mothers Day pics...i didn't take a single one!!! BAD me! Maybe today i will have a little photoshoot...stay tuned!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

OPAAT June kit ROCKS!!!!!

I got my June kit in the mail yesterday and i about DIED!!

It is so AWESOME! Capella being the sweetheart she is gave everyone on the team the add-on kit this month as well!! It is seriously AWESOME! I have already created one layout with it!

So...i had my first ever tanning experience yesterday too..it was so nice. The bed was so warm and the music was playing...i was just laying there dreaming i was on the beach...the only thing i didn't like was it only lasted 8 minutes!! My sister is getting married June 23rd and i have to have a nice tan...don't want to be sticking out in all the wedding pics with a white body!! LOL

I have also taken up running...i am "learning" to run!! It's a program called "From the couch to 5K"...it is a program that teaches you how to run and by the end of 6-8 weeks i should beable to run a 5K non-stop!! I am on week one...and i think i am doing good. i have never run a day in my life...so i was thinking i would not do well. I have kept up with the program so far. Next week it changes so we'll see how it goes!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Yesterday i got another package from Scrapbook Trends...it was my May issue of their magazine!! i have a layout of Miss Madison in it...page 51! My sister took the picture of her last summer and i LOVE it! She also got her name mentioned at the bottom there...here is her website...she is an amazing photographer...so talented. i LOVE all the pictures she takes of my kids...i am so excited that she got a mention too... :)
Here is her website:

the goodie box was once again AWESOME! I have so much scrappy goodness now...good thing i am going to a crop weekend here pretty soon!!! LOL

Monday, May 7, 2007

so excited!!

So the other day Matthew was playing outside and came running in the house yelling "there's a box on the step Mommy...there's a big box on the step!!!"...i yelled back... "Is it for me???" LOL...I went to investigate...and sure enough it was a big box for me!! It was my copies of Mini Albums 2 from Scrapbook Trends!! this book is AWESOME...and not just because i have a mini in it...the other designers are amazing....so inspiring. the box of goodies were gorgeous too...i am planning another mini or two already!! ;) Thank you Scrapbook Trends... :) Oh...Matthew was actually really excited that it was for me!! Bless his heart! He said "I love it when you get scrapbook stuff because it makes you so happy!!".... :)

Friday, May 4, 2007


Nice WARM weather!!
Gosh it seems like forever since we had warm weather...i am so looking forward to Summer!!
The kids played all morning and most of the afternoon outside...i filled up the little water table and they got wet and had fun!! I had my camera right there so i was able to snap a few pics of them playing...although now when they see me with my camera all they say is "Cheeeeeeeese"... {rolling eyes}.

Tonight i am heading to my friend Cathy's house for a "scrappy" time!! The kids are coming along and they are going to have a sleepover!! Should be FUN!

I hope you are having a GREAT day...

I will post more later...gotta go enjoy this sunshine!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Willow Valley resort...

So....some people have been asking for pics...

i snapped a few tonight...the lighting is AWFUL here so they aren't perfect or great but you can see my little babes having so much fun...they have been swimming NON-STOP!!! i can't get pics of them actually in the pool because i was by myself with them and didn't dare leave Miss Madison alone for a second!!! LOL
she has NO FEAR of the water since my Mum started taking her to swim lessons...i am so glad they are taking lessons...they are learning so much.