Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lil Hoodlums...

LOL...these guys make me laugh, here they are today running around with Dinosaur towels on there heads in 90 degree weather!!! They were being "Power Rangers"...LOVE IT!

So you might wonder what has been going on here in Sugar started back today which means i have been taking care of getting my Afterschool program up and running again...which stresses me out wondering if those little Kindergartners will remember to get off the bus at my home...i know everything will be fine once we are in a routine... :)

I have also made a big purchase recently....

I went ahead and bought myself a Canon Rebel is a package deal and it comes with 2 canon lenses and a wide angle lens and a macro also comes with all the little stuff...i am so excited to get should be here on Monday. Go stay posted for pics of that!!!

On the scrappy front...i got an email from ST requesting a layout of mine for their upcoming wedding idea book!!! SO EXCITED about this one...the layout is of my little sister and her now husband...i took their engagement pictures and created a layout using them!

I also got my ST August magazine in the mail the other day...i have a layout in it also...the goodie box they sent is so yummy!!! I have already started creating some pages using it!!

So this time next week i will be in Ireland!!!!!!!!!!!! {or on my way there at least!!}

I am leaving next wednesday for my vacation to Ireland to visit my older sister and her husband!! I cannot wait for, my hubby and kids plus my parents are going has been about 4 years since i was last there. So be prepared for lots of pictures when i return!!! LOL That is another reason i am so excited for my camera to get here!!

Ummmmmmm...well that might be all for now, i am still waiting on my September DT kit to get here and when it does i will be scrapping away!!! i am hoping to get it before i leave for Ireland so i can get my projects all done.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Girls weekend ROCKED!

Well i am back from my girlie scrappy weekend!!!
Although i must admit that we did NO SCRAPPING all weekend!!
Except for Cathy...she did a couple if minibook pages on Saturday night.
Laurie's house is BEAUTIFUL...and she was a great hostess.

We went out on their boat Saturday for the day...but for the most part we just spent our time hanging out and chatting like we were girls in highschool having a slumber party!!! LOL It was GREAT :) I can't wait to get together with these girls again...our weekend was NOT long enough!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This is my scrap space!! LOVE my buttons... :)

This is a sneak peek at my clear's almost DONE!

This is my word bloom album...just got it these!

This is a summer accordion album i made of the kids.

Some scrap stuff...
some pics of my scrap space...
just stuff...
to share with you :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Elsie LOVE...

So a while back Elsie had said on her blog that she really wanted a sock monkey...well just 2 weeks ago i was in our churches little store and there sitting in a basket was a sock monkey!!!!! I really wanted to get it and give it to Elsie but my hubby thought i was being silly and so i left it there... :( I went to visit my parents and i was telling my Dad about the sock monkey...he handed PJ the money and told him to go get the monkey for me!! { Dad to the rescue!!! hehe} i then emailed Elsie and she was so excited!!! Here is a picture of her with sock monkey that was on her flickr site!

I'm a DORK...i know!!! LOL

Good morning!!!!!

Well PJ made it is unharmed!!!
He actually took TONS of pictures...i was so proud of him!!!
I will be taking some pictures of projects i have been working on this past week or so and i will post them here soon...maybe tonight. I will also try to get some decent pictures of my new scrap space. What has everyone else been up to lately??
This weekend i am going on a little road trip to meet some of my very awesome and gorgeous online scrapbook friends...i am soooooooooo excited!!! it should be a GREAT time and i will have so many pictures to share when i get back!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

So my hubby left this morning to go on a missions trip to Washington DC...he took my camera with him so he could record his trip and make a slideshow of it when they return home Sunday night. I miss my hubby and my camera!!! I am lost without both...but i guess i will survive until Sunday!!! hehe...

So i don't get too lonely i am having the girls over for a scrap night {friday night} i always look forward to these...we usually have a blast, eat waaaaaaay too much and don't get enough scrapping done!!! LOL

I am working on a word bloom album at the minute and i am loving how it is turning out! The company 2 daisies make them and they are adorable...i will post pics as soon as i get my camera back!!

I also got a bunch of my sisters wedding picture printed and they are gorgeous {janine!!}...i am so excited to scrapbook them!!! :) You are the BEST photographer eva!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

i guess i took a break!!

When i first started this blog i swore i would post EVERYDAY!!! LOL
Well i guess i just took a little blog break...i am back now though and ready to blog!!

I have some pictures to share with you...part of the reason i took a break is because of the heat was {and is still} HOT HOT HOT!!! So we spent A LOT of time outside playing in the little paddling pool...hanging out in the backyard.

Today it is raining though...hopefully it will cool things off a little!

i have been scrapping away...i have done quite a few layouts {that i am not showing at the minute} and a cute new accordion album that i will post pics of as soon as i can get decent pictures!!! I have tried twice now with no luck... :(

My scrap space pictures came out very dark i might wait and take a couple more another day. I am LOVING my new space and am so glad i switched around...against my DH's wishes!!! LOL {he likes the change too though!}

We also went to the "Warren county fair" last night!!! LOL
It is always a sight to see...i think every freak in Warren County comes out for the fair...enough said about that!! hehe...

The pictures i posted where of last week...they are of the kids i watch and my kids playing outside...the pics totally crack me up!! Kids have amazing imaginations!!!! Take a look at Madisons tummy!! I was laughing so hard because no matter how much i tell her not to drink the pool water she does it anyway then her little belly swells away up so makes me laugh!!! LOL The kids sure had fun in that little tiny pool...and they were very entertaining to watch too!!! thanks for checking out my blog...i hope you have a lovely day :)

Sunday, August 5, 2007


I am sorry i have not updated my blog in FOREVER!!!
I have been busy and lazy...i have a million pictures on my camera and haven't taken the time to upload them to my computer yet...i will do that soon...
I rearranged my scrap space and i LOVE it...i also have pictures of that on my camera waiting to be uploaded to my blog...
so stay tuned...i will update again soon! PROMISE!!