Monday, March 31, 2008


Well my little boy is losing his bottom tooth! ALREADY!!! This freaks me out a little...i told him i am not ready for this yet...which he finds very amusing...he keeps asking me "Why aren't you ready for me to get new teeth??", i just tell him that it is one step closer to him growing up waaaaaaaaaay too fast!!! He said he is ready though!! LOL So it is wobbly and gross and he plays with it constantly! He asked me to post this pic for Uncle Andy...just to keep him updated ;)
Matthew had his trike-a-thon in Preschool last was so cute! PJ made ramps and everything for the kids! They all seemed to have such a good time! This was a fund raiser for Judes Childrens hospital...i think Matthew did about 50 some laps...he now wants to ride his bike ALL THE TIME...but the weather is not good so he will have to wait a few more weeks.

Madison got to join in the fun too...she could not have been happier on her little trike, riding in circles making Daddy dizzy!! LOL She LOVED being a part of what the big kids were doing!
So things are going good. I am into my 30th week of pregnancy and feeling pretty good...i have my days when i am sore or grumpy {LOL}...but all in all i am doing good. Lilly is flipping around in there like crazy...her fav way to lay is head stuck under my right ribs and then she kicks like crazy on my bladder! FUN....not. I cannot wait for her to drop down a ribs need a break! LOL
On the scrappy front...i got an email last week from Paper Trends requesting 2 of my wall hangings!! First time with this mag and it is so exciting!!!!!! i know Amy will be in it happy to be in there with her. :)
Ok...gotta go...
Hope all is well with you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Maternity shoot...

My sister Janine did my maternity pictures yesterday and i am soooooo pleased with how they turned out! she certainly worked wonders with her camera!! ;)
You can check them out here...
there are also pics of what we have been up to all week since she got here. Tomorrow they head home :(

You know i LOVE them!! :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bunny cake and surprises!!

Good Friday we decided to have a lazy day and keep our PJ's on and make some bunny cakes...FUN right??!! Madison thought she needed some safety goggles to do this can never be too careful!! LOL {sorry there are LOTS of pics to share!}
I got these cute bunny baking pans at the kitchen store in the mall and thought the kids would have so much fun making their own little cakes.

So we started to make up the cake mix...Matthew and Madison took turns to mix it.

Matthew decorated his cake first while Miss Madison was napping.

The finished product!!! {actually he decided last minute he wanted jelly beans on it for a mouth, i never got a pic of was cute though! ;)

Madison then got up from her nap and wanted to decorate her bunny cake...

Here it is all done!! She could NOT wait to eat it!! LOL

So in the midst of all the bunny making business {it's noon we are all still in our PJ's} i was cleaning up the mess and getting the kids door knocked, well i thought it was my friend Cathy stopping by but the door swung open and there stood my sister and her hubby from Ireland!!!!!!! I was so surprised {SHOCKED}...I couldn't even say anything. No-one knew they were coming not even my parents. They had actually gone to my Mum's work just before to surprise her!!! What FUN! They will be here until Wednesday. It's funny because Janine was just in Vegas for a week and returned home to Ireland on she basically got home washed her clothes and got back on the plane to see us!!! She also emailed me last week saying she had a maternity shoot this week and she was so excited...NEVER did i imagine it was ME she was talking about!!! LOL I did not suspect a thing!
What a fun Easter...LOVE IT! :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

This is what i have been up to lately....i made a couple of bracelets!! I am not entirely sure what got me trying beading but it is kinda fun and a change from scrapbooking. just another creative outlet i guess. I made this in about 15 turned out pretty cute i thought.
I got an email the other night from CARDS magazine requesting 2 of my cards...this will be my 2nd publication with them...someone on SB.Com said she thinks Lilly is my good luck charm when it comes to being published...she might be right!! LOL I have never felt so motivated to be creative!! It's kind of crazy. Maybe Lilly will be very artistic??!! We'll see.
Kids are doing well...
they are so excited for Easter, it's always such a fun day!
In the morning i have a little egg hunt at the house...they also have to hunt for their Easter baskets!!!
Church is so fun for the kids on Easter Sunday as we have the big balloon drop and party poppers!! Then we get to go to nanny and DanDan's for an Easter egg hunt and lunch and other goodies!! then we go to the Cathcarts for another Easter egg hunt!!
It's usually a busy day filled with lots of FUN!
Today i plan on making bunny cakes with the kids...i will post pics on my blog when we are done. LOL i am sure they will be gorgeous. PJ said "Oh sure, go ahead and turn Easter into a Ghetto cake holiday!!" LOL Too funny.
So that's about it for now!
Oh i had a DR appointment and things are iron is a little low which would explain why i have been so tired lately...but everything else is good. Lilly is now head down, i just knew she had moved a couple of days ago because everything felt different and i was so sore for a couple of days...but i am feeling better now! 77 days to go!!! :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baby shower for Lilly...

What a FUN weekend!! Some of my fav girls from my critique group on SB.Com came down this way for the weekend. Amy, Angela, Laurie, Shelley, Linda, CAthy and myself had a very fun time together...catching up and laughing until our stomaches hurt!! Ana was supposed to come too but couldn't in the end and we all missed her sooooooooooo time for sure we will make sure she is there along with Kristine and Vera!!! ;) The girls had a little baby shower for Lilly...usually by your 3rd child people don't throw you a this was EXTRA nice and special. Linda made the most YUMMY cupcakes with the most to die for icing on them and they were all covered in pink or blue sprinkles!!

Thank you girls for such beautiful gifts and for helping me celebrate Lilly!!! :)

Being we are a bunch of scrappers i got some really cute handmade cards...i love them and plan on displaying them in Lilly's room when it is all done!

Of course there was lots of cuuuuuuuuuuute clothes too...My sister Janine will have a great time photographing the Princess in these gorgeous outfits! Thanks girls.

I also got lots of adorable blankets...some handmade! WOW!! I say you can never have too many blankets...and they are all so cute!

Thank you girlies! Can't wait to get together again so you can all actually meet Lillian Grace. Summer can't come soon enough!! Oh and check out this cute little duck is all silky inside...i LOVE it!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I feel LUCKY!!

Nothing says "St.Patricks day" more than a SKULL shirt!!! LOL in all fairness though he did get the shirt in Ireland!! hehe....

HAPPY St.Patricks day!!!
Took some pics of the kids today and thought i would share.

Matthew had preschool this morning and from what i hear they had tons of GREEN fun!!! They had a blast!
Have a look at my next post...
there are some pics of my 3D U/S!!! :)

Sneak Peek...

WOW!! We had our 3D U/S!! It was AMAZING! Our baby got the award for the most difficult baby of the week!! LOL Baby was seriously in a ball on my right side {which explains why i feel like my ribs are broken on the right side!! LOL} was sleeping away with NO intentions of moving or cooperating! I was so sad we weren't going to get to see it move or beable to find out what we were having...the lady tried for about 15 minutes...she poked and pushed and tried her best to wake the baby up...NOTHING! So she had me get up and walk around and eat a banana and do some squats...i tried that for about 10 minutes then she decided to try again...the baby was still balled up sleeping away with hands, feet, legs...cord all balled up around it's face! Baby was facing backwards...breech...sitting on it's bottom...we couldn't see anything!! So she then had me lay on my side...which worked some!! Our little PRINCESS moved to let us see her face and her girl parts!!! WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!! So let me introduce you to Lillian Grace Cathcart.....

In the picture below it shows Lillian's face with her foot right up to her nose!!! Now if i did that i would be hurting for days but she was sleeping like that!!! LOL

Those little fists stayed up around her face the whole time!

In the pic below she was REALLY trying hard to get her thumb in her mouth to suck it!! She couldn't find it...but it was so cute watching her try!

Monday, March 10, 2008

So we broke out the modeling clay the other night!
I hate playdoh...HATE is so messy and i think it smells gross and well i just don't like it!! so my kids have been deprived of playing with this sort of thing :( {bad Mommy!}
But not to fear i did find some modeling clay at walmart and was is not messy or terribly smelly!! LOL

My kids LOVED it...they played away with it for ages...rolling it and squishing it.
After a while i asked Matthew what he made and he answered "TURDS!", "GREEN turds!!"...well good, i am glad you are being so creative with the modeling clay!!! LOL {what is it with boys and potty business???}.
So then i thought well surely Madison isn't making "turds" i asked her what she was making and she answered "Snakes"...i said "but they are nice right...cute sweet snakes??"...she grinned and said "No...they are mean and they bite you!"...RIGHT. Ok then....good playing kids!! LOL

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Another cake creation by ME!!! LOL It actually turned out NOT falling over!!! hehe...PJ was disappointed!! He said how am i supposed to maintain the name "Ghetto cake maker" if i get better at them!!! LOL It was YUMMY BTW! ;)
Our birthday girl!!!

I think we laughed so hard at this pic that i just had to put it on the blog...even though Madison said Mommy looks like a duck in it!!!!!!!!! LOL I would have to agree...what's up with that??!!!!

I hope you had a FAB day Heather. You're GHOST like Swayze!!!! LOL Check out for some other AWESOME {LOL} birthday pictures!!! ENJOY!