Monday, July 23, 2007

Grove City for the day...

Saturday we met up with some friends for a day in Grove City...we walked the outlet mall...and got a wee something ;) Then we took the kids to the playground near by...i think we all had fun there!! It has been a LOOOOOONG time since i was on a teeter totter!! It was such a beautiful sunny day until the guys decided to go swimming...which involved having to go to walmart and buy swimsuits for everyone {except me and Jennie} the time they actually got in the water it was freezing and they where all shivering cold!! But they did jump in off the diving boards and sucked it up for a little while {i think mostly to spite me because i was so against the swimming idea!!! LOL}.

We ate at our favorite place {Rachels} and got their famous pretzels with chocolate dip!! YUMMY!!! it was GREAT seeing Tom and Jennie and Toby...they are such a fun fun that Matthew decided he didn't want to come home with us and so he is now in Pittsburgh until Wednesday!!!!!!!! Crazy kid!! We miss him here but we know he is having a blast with his little buddy!!! Jennie sent us some pictures of our day at Grove City and of the boys getting ready for bed that night :) {i took my camera with me but the batteries died after about 2 pictures :( }...Thanks Jennie for the pics!!

Grove City for the day...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Gorgeous girls, Mohawks and a page to share...

So i have started watching my friends little girls...Sydney is the same age as Matthew {they go to Preschool together} and Emily is one! They are the cutest little things! Emily LOVES to pose for the camera...she always gives me the most lovely smiles...Sydney is much like Matthew and hides behind her hair...although i did manage to get one very cute picture of her and Matthew together...looking at the camera!! LOL
This was there first week here and i have to say that they are so well behaved...Emily is the best baby EVER...she is so easy to watch. Sydney is no trouble at all either...her and Matthew get along quite well...and they don't get into too much mischeif!!! ;)

So PJ decided it was time Matthew had a Mohawk! Actually Matthew decided he wanted one...when he first saw Daddy's Mohawk he wasn't sure about it...but PJ has had his for about 3 weeks now and i guess it grew on Matthew because he said the other day "Daddy...i think i want you to cut me a Mohawk now..." ROCK ON LITTLE DUDE!!

I also created another page using my OPAAT August kit...the fabric ROCKS...i love it. My sister also took the picture and i found it on my memory stick...sweet surprise...i LOVE it!! thanks girlie! :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

OPAAT August kit...

I have been working away here with the August kit...the link here will take you to a picture of the kit. it has such YUMMY fabric in it...i have never used fabric on a layout before so it was fun to give it a go. I made these funky easy and cute! I have more stuff to come...but thought i would go ahead and start uploading!! Thanks for checking out my blog...
Oh i should mention that my sister Janine took the photos of was a nice surprise to find them on my camera! She is always so good at capturing moments like these....i love it. These are a couple of my fav pics now. :)

I am heading to Erie today for some shopping...hope you all have a lovely day!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Amusement park fun...

Well yesterday we spent a very fun day at Waldamere Amusement and water park...we didn't go to the water park part as the weather wasn't to be good...but it turned out to be AWESOME! We still had tons of fun on the rides...the kids wanted to ride every ride going...even Madison...she had no fear of the rides at all. The kids were so good.
I have to say the funniest thing i saw all day was PJ riding on the Froggie Hopper with the little kids!!! LOL I made him go on it because Madison wanted to ride it...and i thought maybe she would freak out once it got going...she did fine...and i got a good laugh at PJ's legs dangling from the ride!! Too funny...
Heather and PJ also made me go on the was AWFUL...i am SCARED of this was the worst ride for me...the pic of Heather and I was taken up in that ride...i held the camera out and she pushed the gave such a freak attack...i had to close my eyes the rest of the ride or i would have barfed!!! LOL Even looking at that picture now is bringing back all the sicky feelings!!! hehe...
LOVE the pic of Cathy and Sydney just chilling on the Skyride...they seemed to like it!!
Of course it wouldn't be a trip to the Amusement park without getting some cotton candy!!! Madison had some for the first time... :)
What a FUN day....Thanks Terry and Cathy for inviting us along!! :)

Special assignment...

I was put on a special assignment by Scrapp'in Trends to use the new Salt Water Taffy collection by Daisy D's...well i got 2 pages done and 1 in the works.
The Angel picture was taken at Creation at was not a great picture...i turned it to B&W and worked with it a little in PSE...i like how it turned out.

Yesterday we went to Waldamere with our friends Terry and Cathy and their little girl was sooooooooooo fun!! I have tons of pics to share with you so stayed tuned...i will be uploading them tonight!!!! ;)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Here they are.... are the layouts from the sneak peek below!
I also have them posted in my gallery.
You'll notice the first one i tried a new view...LOVING it...i will be turning the page more often...FUN :)

I have been on the go again this hubby has been singing with a group at a camp so i have been going up there with him. Tonight is the last night :)

Gosh...i am having a hard time typing with these nails i got for my sisters wedding...they are getting sooooooo long now, it's time for them to come off!! LOL

**Oh....before i forget Scrappin Trends is having a virtual crop on the weekend of CHA {July 20th-22nd}...they have TONS of games planned and some of the prizes will be new items from CHA!!! You won't want to miss it!! :) just tell them i sent you over!!! hehe...


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A couple of sneak peeks...

I have been playing with my goodies from Scrappin Trends trying to get my projects done by the 15th!! I am working away here at night when my kids go to bed... :)
I will be posting my work shortly...within the next few days, so check back to see it!!

Thanks for stopping by...leave me a message and tell me what you have been up to lately!

Monday, July 9, 2007

July 4th pics...

We spent the day with my sister and her hubby..
My parents came to the parade too...which is the first time they have been to the parade since we moved here 10 years ago!!!!!!!!!! {i have to admit though that last year was my first year at the parade!! LOL}

It was fun...and it didn't rain on us until near the end!! hehe

Matthew was totally excited to see the shopping cart man...last year he wanted a trumpet soooooooo badly....but the shopping cart man freaked me out and i didn't get him a trumpet...he was soooooooo sad all day. This year i promised to get him his little eyes lit up when he saw that cart being pushed down the street towards him....he got his trumpet...and gave us all a headache the rest of the day by blowing into it!!! LOL'll notice in the pics that my Dad is pouring tea into 3 cups....only IRISH people would bring hot tea to the 4th of July parade on a 80 degree day!!! LOL {ok so it wasn't 80 degrees but it was still HOT!

We went back to my sisters house for a BBQ and to relax the rest of the afternoon.

It was a great fun!

Friday, July 6, 2007

7 years ago today...

PJ asked me to marry him!
It was a crazy started at "Creation music Festival" when he asked me if i would like to be married...i said "YES" of course...
then when we got home the next day was 4th of July...we went to the fireworks show and he kept whispering into my ear "Do you really want to get married"...i kept saying "YES"...
so finally on July 6th at around 3am he got his butt off the couch where we were watching a movie and proprosed properly {down on one knee}!! hehe...
We were both over the moon.
We wanted to tell everyone we saw...even people we didn't know!!! LOL
What a fun time...
We had a short engagement...about 3 months before we were married.
So we are now nearing our 7th wedding anniversary. It is a GREAT marriage...with some bumps along the way...God is so good to us though, continuely blessing us.

Ps....i don't think PJ has remembered. {typical} hehe...

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I got my first Tattoo today!!
Sorry for the wait on the surprise but we got my appointment all mixed up and i thought it was 9 this morning, my Dad thought it was 5 tonight...turns out it was 3pm!!! LOL

I got a Celtic love knot symbolising marriage and then the 2 stars represent my kids {Matthew and madison}...
So did it hurt???

YES! But it wasn't was more annoying just like Heather said it would be! I just wanted to yell "STOP IT..." and swat his hand away!!! LOL I have to say the stars hurt the worst of all!!
I chewed gum like it was going out of style...and squeezed my arm...PJ took some pics {even though he is not at all happy about the tattoo}...

So thanks for being excited along with me...even those who didn't know what they were being excited about!!

My girls in Critique group 2 were cracking me up with their ideas of what it might be...
*A baby
*Running a 5K
*A new car
*A drivers license!!! LOL
*An SLR camera for all my scrappy friends!!! guys kept me entertained!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007



Yes Creation was brilliant as always! It was rained out last year and they cancelled it...we were sooooooooooooo bummed...but this year we were there, and loving it!! The first day we arrived it was over 100 degrees!!!!! YIKES...i was dreading the rest of the week if it continued to be this hot!!! But the next 2 days it POURED...and i mean POURED. It was cold wet and miserable...but by Thursday it cleared up and the sun came out....dried everything up and it was perfect weather the rest of the week!!

The bands were AWESOME....Toby Mac was my fav concert...i danced and sang, along with everyone was GREAT. Newsboys were AMAZING...their concert was the last concert of the event and they ROCKED the house big time!! LOL

Mandisa was there {she was the American idol contestant that got voted out for singing a "Christian" song}....she sang her song and talked about her American idol was fascinating and very touching...

We had a GREAT group of teens with us this year too...very helpful and energetic!! LOL They made the trip so fun. They really had fun with the little kids too...
There was around 80,000 to 100,000 people there!! We had a candle lightening service on the night before the last and you can only imagine what that looked like...100,000 people with their candles lit...AMAZING!