Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lilly and her new "friends"

The joys of having a big brother!! LOL Matthew decided to switch Lilly's cute little winnie the pooh toys for his Transformer robots!!! LOL She doesn't seem to mind too much! She "oooooh" and "Cooooo" at them for about 30 minutes! It was just too cute not to snap a couple of pics :)

I love this picture! She is such a wee sweetie. We can't help but just LOVE her. :)

so this weekend is another quiet and relaxing time together :)
I have laundry going...
house all picked up...
Maddie and Lilly napping...
Matthew is over at his friends Tatum's house...
PJ is working on his motorcycle...
and I am blogging :)
We watched a couple of movies this weekend too...
Heather and I watched "Step up" cause my sister Janine LOVES this movie...sorry Janine it was CHEESY BISCUITS...and i like cheesy biscuits sometimes but this was not good LOL ;)
I made PJ watch "Baby Mama" with was pretty poor too. The acting was terrible...and it wasn't as funny as i thought it would be.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

8 YEARS...

It's my anniversary today!!!!!!
PJ and I have been married for 8 years! WOW...i can hardly believe it!
We already celebrated on Saturday night because our weekdays seem to be so busy...we went to applebees for dinner...we decided to take the kids along too. We had a lovely meal...the kids were being so well behaved...Lilly fell asleep in her carseat and we were just enjoying spending time together...UNTIL this totally loud and obnoxious woman came into the resturant that knew PJ...she was unfortunately seated at the table next to us. She came right over and stuck her stupid head into the carseat and poked Lilly saying "Oh HI baby...oh are you sleeping...Oh i think i made her MAD"...Yeah no Lilly of course started screaming and crying...i would too if that lady had been in my face. So i had to take her out of her seat to try and calm her didn't work. I was so mad at this woman...we ended up having to leave...Lilly cried the whole way home and was so upset that PJ had to walk her around the house until she could calm down enough to nurse!!
As we were leaving the resturant the stupid woman had the cheek to say "It was nice meeting you...your baby seems very mad"....I just walked on by i couldn't even comment...WHO DOES THAT????????????????????
ANYWAY...back to the topic...
8 years...REALLY!!!
We are blessed...I have a wonderful hubby and 3 beautiful children.
I am looking forward to many many more years with PJ...
PS...Matthew took the pics!!!! He is a natural with the camera!! ;)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Afternoon...

LOVE Saturday the kids were playing so well together in the livingroom...i asked PJ to check on them to make sure they weren't getting up to something because they were being so good and quiet! LOL This is what they were up to..... Playing "cars"!! LOL LOVE the car they made...this really cracked me up...these kids have amazing imaginations...who would have thought you could make a Jeep out of a foot stool, plastic red chair, a Dora chair and the cup holder off our stroller!!! ;)'s been 4 days in cloth diapers...things are going well. I actually really like them...and NO it isn't gross washing them out...i don't really mind it at all. They are soft and CUTE...and Lilly seems to like them too!! :) So far so GOOD!

Yes...Saturday afternoons are also GREAT for torturing your family for pictures!!! hehe... I made everyone go outside today to snap a couple of family pics...Madison was having NONE of it...she was so grumpy about the whole thing because i wouldn't let her hold her big bottle of lotion in the picture....i had to bribe Matthew to co-operate by telling him he could take a couple of pictures IF he smiled nice for me, PJ and Lilly just went along with here are a couple i liked. The first one PJ took of me and Lilly...the 2nd one i took of PJ and Lilly then the 3rd one is the one and only Family picture that actually looked half decent...LOL It was taken using the timer on my camera and a tripod :)

I hope you all had a lovely Saturday afternoon...
PJ shared his Great Race winnings with I went shopping and got a few fall clothes, LOVE em!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm back!!!!!

Well i still have NO is taking forever to get friend Cathy stopped by last night and let me borrow her charger...i think she was sick of me whining!! LOL ;) She also brought Lilly the cutest little hand knit cardigan and booties and hat! So sweet :)
So i was VERY excited to get my battery charged up so i could snap some pics of my girls this morning...Lilly is changing so much, she is so nosey and easily distracted. She is really trying hard to sit up by herself especially when we put her in her little bouncy seat...she doesn't like to sit back anymore...she wants to see the world. :)

she is SERIOUSLY into these at the moment...she cannot get enough of her hands...they are fascinating to her...i love watching her play with her hands...

Miss Madison...always up to something goofy!! LOL They were playing with the stuffed animals this morning and the basket was their motorcycle helmet...she was taking the animals to the DR on her motorcycle...LOL {which was the glider!} Madison is still really LOVING preschool...she is so excited to go the 2 days a week...i think she would go everyday if she was allowed!! Every morning she asks "Do i go to Preschool today??"...she is always disappointed when i say "No, not today".

It's good to be back :)
Be on the lookout for MORE pics...i took tons today and plan on taking lots over the weekend.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am so mad at myself...i ordered another battery charger for my camera because i lost my other one...well i got the new one in the mail yesterday and it was the WRONG one!!!!!!! So now i have to send it back and i ordered another one last night...fingers crossed it is the right one! LOL
So no pictures for another while...i miss using my camera :(
Be ready for picture overload soon...i have a lot of catching up to do!!! ;)

Saturday, September 13, 2008


So my friend Debbie knows me too well i think...she found these on the internet and sent a the link to me...OH my goodness i am so getting some for Lilly!!!!!!! LOL
High heels for babies...PERFECT!
"Your little one will look fabulous in these soft crib shoes designed to look like high heels! Each pair of heelarious heels is packaged in a darling purse-shaped gift box, complete with a rhinestone closure. Leopard satin heel with black satin lining for infants size 0-6 months."
Here's a link to the website!
Thanks for the link Debbie!

Monday, September 8, 2008


I miss Matthew :( I miss his chatter all day long...the million questions he asks me throughout the day...i miss eating lunch with him and reading his scooby do yogurt question to him to see if he knows the answer! I miss him...but i hope he is having FUN at school.

I also have to have a BIG shout out to team "Jerk Camp" {don't ask about the name!! LOL} because on Saturday they won the "Warren county great race"!!!!!! That is PJ on the far left...he is actually talking to me on the phone in this photo!! Winning prize was $1000!!!!!! Wooo Hoooooooo...CONGRATULATIONS...much deserved win guys! I am so proud :)
Lilly is 3 months old today and i cannot find my camera battery charger ANYWHERE :( So i can't snap any 3 month pics...i might cry :(

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Check out Miss Lilly...she was being fussy last evening when we got home from afterschool program...i had tons of stuff to get done and she just wouldn't settle so PJ suggested the sling...actually he suggested him wearing the sling!!!!! Wasn't sure if he thought it was too girlie for him...guess not! LOL Anyway...he put it on and we cozied lilly inside it...she settled right down :) She just loves her sling {Thank you Angela!!}...My friend Angela gave me this sling when we went to visit her a couple of weeks ago. We ended up going for a walk and Lilly was so happy and content the rest of the evening!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

A little scrappy page...

Here is a page i scrapped the other night. I LOVE this pic of Miss Lilly. :) Hope you all have a great weekend.

Sweet baby smiles

Cloth diapers...

I'm intersted in these...

I have never even considered cloth diapers before but i was reading online about these and am interested in trying them...not only are the cheaper than disposables but they are kinda cute too!! ;) to convince PJ. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just for Nanny...

Yes that is my boy RIDING a motorcycle!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Labor day we had a lovely BBQ at my parents house...Heather and B came over and Brian made the best burgers EVER. :) We ate skinny cow ice-cream {YUMMY} and enjoyed some "Say yes to the dress" TV action! LOL My Dad and PJ were outside "working" on bikes...i say this because they were actually attaching training wheels off Matthews bicycle to my Dad's pocket bike. These little machines are actually made for fully grown Dad got one a while ago and i actually forgot he had it...until NOW. Matthew came inside and announced that he would be riding this little bike that goes 35 mph with an adult on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nanny's reaction "NO YOU ARE NOT..." you can see they listened to Nanny....NOT! Pictures taken by Heather as i was feeding Lilly and missed it all...i think i am glad i did though! hehe...

So after explaining how everything works...they got Matthew all padded up and stuck his helmet on...Daddy ran right beside him and was ready to wick him off the bike at anytime...which was probably right after this picture...Matthew gunned it a little too hard and had the back tire spinning causing a dust cloud...this is what Nanny saw out the window and FREAKED out! All i heard was "Oh NO...Oh for DEAR...Oh PJ just pulled him off the bike"....LOL Matthew was fine, it did scare him a little though. :) He said it was fun but he probably won't ride again until he is 7!! LOL

LOVED it...2 TIMES!!!

Miss Madison returned home from Preschool yesterday a very tired but very happy little girl! She loved preschool "2 TIMES"!!! If Madison tells you she liked/hated something and says "2 times" after it then that means she REALLY liked/hated that thing!! So apparently she LOVED preschool 2 TIMES! They got to fingerpaint and play with playdough...they also got to go outside and play on the playground. She said they read books and sang songs "wo wo wo your boat"!!! Benji and Bella also enjoyed their first day, Bella said "Well that wasn't so bad!!" LOL.

Oh i forgot to add...she got to show off her music box and when they opened it they found 2 of Madison's little polly pocket doggies...they all thought that was funny!! LOL She told them it was her "Very special little box".

Up next...Pictures of MAtthew trying to give Nanny heart failure! LOL ;)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I have no idea what is up with blogger but it is being weird!
So is Miss Madison...she is going for her first full day of preschool today!!!! Benji and Bella are Maddies friends and they are heading off to preschool too, that should be quite the class i am telling you!! LOL They are so fun...although they gave all of 30 seconds to snap a couple of pictures before they were running off and wanting to swing on the swings!! So in about 45 minutes they will be enjoying some finger painting and playdough!! :) Can't wait to hear all about tonight...
Madison has her first show and share today...she is bringing her music box from Aunt Janine and Uncle Andy! :)