Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Eat lots of Turkey and enjoy your day with family and friends! I will hopefully be back later with pictures of Madison's Thanksgiving feast at Preschool... :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Looking out my window...

This weekend if you looked out my window this is what you would see...WHITE fluffy snow as far as the eye can see!! think you would love this???!!! Maybe for a day or 2!! LOL It is pretty to look at but going outside in it is a different story! Traveling in it is no fun...needless to say the kids had a "Snow day" on Friday...Matthew was VERY VERY excited about this :)
Here are some of the kids i watch...we do craft time which usually includes coloring...cutting out things from magazines...gluing...stickers...messy stuff but lots of fun!!! :) The kids love this time...they each have their own baskets with paper...scissors...crayons...markers and glue. you miss this bunch of trouble???!!! LOL
I snapped a couple of pics of Miss Lilly while the kids were working on their crafts. She sat in her bouncy seat quite happily watching them :) She is such a good baby.

We were gone for the weekend at a teen retreat PJ was teaching at.
It was a nice time away...good to be home though ;)
Madison's little thanksgiving preschool program was cancelled on Friday due to the it was rescheduled for Sunday...1 hour afer we made it home from our retreat weekend!!! We made it...and it was so cute. Pics to come! :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

SNOW... is offically winter :( Snow started flying Sunday afternoon...and hasn't really quit yet. It snowed all day today. I actually find the first snow fall really pretty...and maybe a little exciting. But seriously i dread the next 4-5 months. I wish we would only get snow for Christmas then be done with it, that would be perfect for me :)

Ok...i should also confess that yes my kids were HYPER and hopped up on sugar for about an hour after the candy feast. Aunty Heather came for a visit just as they were finished eating and then the sugar kicked in and can read the comments on my last post...She witnessed the running around like superman with their PJ shirts flapping behind them like capes...the pretending to "Poop stuffed animals"...the hysterical laughter every time Matthew "farted his pants". {eye roll}. Then they CRASHED...and went to bed, both Mommy and kids happy.

Just eat it all!!!!!!!!

A little boy and girls dream response when they ask for a bit of candy for the 20th time that day!! So the Halloween candy has been in a bowl sitting on the table...everyday...and i mean every single day they ask if they can have "A wee bit of candy from the bowl"....everyday at least 20-30 was driving me INSANE. So Saturday after being with the kids ALL day by myself and hearing this question over and over and over i finally just said "Take the bowl and eat it all...just finish it so i don't have to hear that question again". So after much "Are you being silly??"..."Can we really eat the candy??"...."ALL of it???"...they took the bowl and began to eat. They didn't get too far into the bowl when they both decided they were done...and they have not asked for another bit of candy from the bowl the rest of the weekend!!! LOL I will be glad when it is all gone...we are close...thank goodness.
I made this little acrylic frame for Lilly's room. I love the little charms at the bottom. The pics were taken by

We had a weekend of playing in mud puddles...eating candy and SNOW!!!
Pictures of the snow to come!!
Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

5 months old and some new tricks :)

Well Lilly is 5 months old as of Saturday...she is changing so much. I love to watch her grow and develope and learn new things. right now she is REALLY into her toys...rattles in particular. She gets MAD when she drops them. Today {Tuesday} i called PJ to work and asked him to pick me up some baby cereal for Lilly to try at lunch today. Well by looking at her reaction you might think she didn't like it! LOL But honestly she ate it up...and loved it! She might have gagged a couple of times but she got mad if you took the spoon away! our baby is starting solids. Always a good time...i remember when Matthew started solids he just LOVED them, he couldn't get enough food in his mouth at one time! LOL Madison she HATED them...she would spit them out and cry and scream and make all kinds of horrible faces like we were feeding her worms or something nasty! Lilly...she just goes with the flow...she is very laid back and easy going {like her Mom!!! LOL ;)
Last night i got some scrapping done!! YEAH! I made this layout sister took the pics after Lilly was born in June and i LOVE LOVE LOVE them. This is just a simple little page about being a sister :) Then...i decided to make a Princess Maddie mini!! I LOVE this...well actually i LOVE the pictures and i think they make the mini. These are Madisons Halloween pictures {again my sister took them}. I used a clear album and added lots of girlie goodness :) Madison LOVES it!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

As promised...

Here is my Fall 2008 mini album. It only took one evening to complete and i love it :)

So...lots of big plans here this weekend! LOL
CLEANING...the kids rooms in particular, i got Matthew out of the house for a while so his room will be first as he doesn't like to get rid of things...{eye roll}.
So i am out for now...i hope you all have a FAB weekend! JANINE...i will be thinking of you tonight as you go to your awards ceremony!!! Good Luck! :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's been a while...

I know i haven't blogged in FOREVER...we have had such a busy week/weekend! My sister Janine came to visit last Monday, she is here until Thursday. It is so great to see her again. :) She has been spending lots and lots of quality time with the kids...reading books and playing house! ;) Lilly just loves her, which makes me happy.
This weekend we also had what seemed like a million parties...between Halloween school parties and trick or treating then Matthews birthday party on Saturday...we are exhausted! LOL
I also had friends from SB.Com come to visit this weekend...they were getting family photos done by my sister {Janine} and they attended the parties too! It was so GREAT seeing them again and meeting their husbands and kids. I hope it is not too long before we get together again!
Our Friends Tom and Jennie and Toby also came down for the crazy fun! I have to thank them so much for all the help with Matthews party...i really appreciate all that you guys did this weekend...Tom and Jennie are the BEST! :)
I don't have pics to share in this post...but if you check out my sisters blog she has TONS of CUTE Halloween pics and stuff on her blog
Oh...Lilly is all better now :) No more nasty cough.