Monday, November 24, 2008

Looking out my window...

This weekend if you looked out my window this is what you would see...WHITE fluffy snow as far as the eye can see!! think you would love this???!!! Maybe for a day or 2!! LOL It is pretty to look at but going outside in it is a different story! Traveling in it is no fun...needless to say the kids had a "Snow day" on Friday...Matthew was VERY VERY excited about this :)
Here are some of the kids i watch...we do craft time which usually includes coloring...cutting out things from magazines...gluing...stickers...messy stuff but lots of fun!!! :) The kids love this time...they each have their own baskets with paper...scissors...crayons...markers and glue. you miss this bunch of trouble???!!! LOL
I snapped a couple of pics of Miss Lilly while the kids were working on their crafts. She sat in her bouncy seat quite happily watching them :) She is such a good baby.

We were gone for the weekend at a teen retreat PJ was teaching at.
It was a nice time away...good to be home though ;)
Madison's little thanksgiving preschool program was cancelled on Friday due to the it was rescheduled for Sunday...1 hour afer we made it home from our retreat weekend!!! We made it...and it was so cute. Pics to come! :)


Cathy said...

Awww, I love the pictures of Lilly, she is such a doll!!

Emily looks like she is having tons of fun! She loves sitting at our table with Sydney and doing that!

Jane said...

wow...the snow!! WE had our first today and all I can say is YUK!!!
the kids look like they are all enjoying your craft time..and look at Lilly...she is growing so fast!!

Janine said...

Well, now I am having palpitations about a) getting a flight into this and having to drive from buffalo to SG and b) shooting a wedding in these conditions???

Anyhoo...yes I miss those fun little people, I cannot wait to see them all again :( Craft cute!!

Lilly is gorgeous as ever.

The Fry's said...

Oh Michelle!!! I am so jealous of the snow! We hardly ever get snow, so it's a real treat for us!

Miss Lilly looks very cute, her blue eyes really shine! She's just precious!

I'm glad you made it back for the preschool program, that would break my heart if I didn't.

Dolores said...

OMG I love your photos of the snow, and the kids look so darn cute working on their projects. Can I say that your dd is just adorable