Monday, November 17, 2008

Just eat it all!!!!!!!!

A little boy and girls dream response when they ask for a bit of candy for the 20th time that day!! So the Halloween candy has been in a bowl sitting on the table...everyday...and i mean every single day they ask if they can have "A wee bit of candy from the bowl"....everyday at least 20-30 was driving me INSANE. So Saturday after being with the kids ALL day by myself and hearing this question over and over and over i finally just said "Take the bowl and eat it all...just finish it so i don't have to hear that question again". So after much "Are you being silly??"..."Can we really eat the candy??"...."ALL of it???"...they took the bowl and began to eat. They didn't get too far into the bowl when they both decided they were done...and they have not asked for another bit of candy from the bowl the rest of the weekend!!! LOL I will be glad when it is all gone...we are close...thank goodness.
I made this little acrylic frame for Lilly's room. I love the little charms at the bottom. The pics were taken by

We had a weekend of playing in mud puddles...eating candy and SNOW!!!
Pictures of the snow to come!!
Thanks for reading.


Angela said...

LOL eat it all!!! I bet they thought you had lost your mind. Love the wall hanging of Miss Lilly! Cant wait for the snow pics!

Cathy said...

LOL thats funny!!!
Cute project of Lilly!!

Michelle said...

They really did think i was losing it...they kept looking at me to see if i was serious!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I have NEVER seen kids so hyper that they were pretending to poop out stuffed animals LOL!!! They are hilarious!

-H xo

Cathy said...

Michelle you left out the part of the story wear they were pooping out stuffed animals!LOL
Just a good reminder why we don't always let them eat all the sugar that they want! LOL

Ana said...

LOL Michelle, I love it! I have to remember that next time Olivia is driving me crazy about getting a Lolly!

Love the hanging for Lilly's Room.

SNOW, did you say SNOW? I am so jealous! I love it and so wish we had a couple of inches. It truly makes me get into the "Holidays".

The Fry's said...

Michelle! That frame is awesome!!! I love it! I have a question, are the pictures sealed inside? If not, do you know if there is a way to make something like that and it be weatherproof? I just had an idea... thanks!

As for the candy feast! That's too funny, but soooo the way to do it. I notice when I let Hunter have at something, it's a while before he asks again. Great pictures!