Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My girls...

Here are the girlies of the house snuggling with Daddy!! Lilly couldn't get snuggle time with Dad without Madison!!! LOL Madison loves little Lilly...she talks the ear off her in this extremely high pitched voice...that hurts my ears so i can only imagine what Lilly thinks of it!!
Smiles from Lilly :) I love that she has started to smile at sweet. She has the cutest "Hughes girl" dimple there on her right cheek!!

I love this look...the lip poo poo'd out...not a sad poopoo lip, it's more like she is concentrating on smiling again.

Here's Miss Maddie, i was snapping pics of Lilly smiling and she was right there..."Look at me Mommy...look over here"...i would look over and she would smile really big with those gorgeous blue eyes staring at of course we took a few pics of her too ;) I think she looks so grown up in this pic. I cannot believe my little Maddie will be off to preschool in the fall!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Frownie Brownies and the Angry Mob...

So a couple of weeks ago we had visitors remember?? Tom and Jennie and Toby?? Well they decided to take our boy home with them for the rest of the week...Matthew headed to Pittsburgh for 5 days!!!!!!!! We were unsure of whether he would make it 5 days without Mum and Dad...but he did GREAT! He had so much fun and is still talking about all the fun stuff they did while he was there. So anyway...we met in the middle to pick Matthew up on Friday evening...and we had dinner together, at Kings resturant. It is so funny...instead of the Eat n Parks smilie cookie, Kings have the frownie Brownie and the Angry Mob...the masks cracked me up...then Tom decided we needed to order the angry Mob dessert!!! If you managed to finish this mean dessert you are presented with an "Angry Mob" poster!!! Challenge on....

Here it is.....look at all those cute little angry brownies!!! LOL This bowl is FILLED with 14 scoops of ice-cream, TONS of brownies and whipped cream!! It was HUGE! But you can leave it to Tom and PJ to eat it all...and Jennie and I helped too ;)

EMPTY bowl!!! We did it!! {i cannot take credit for the empty bowl as i had to be weighed on the Monday for my 6 week PP checkup}!!! No way was i giving in to the angry mob!!

Tom and PJ...the Angry Mob challenge is too big! LOL

Maddie enjoyed some frownie brownie and ice-cream too!!! LOL Isn't she cute!! LOL

PROUD owner of the Angry Mob poster!! Actually our waitress was very nice and gave a poster to our family and the Roule Family...she was very shocked that we ordered the dessert and finished it!!!
I should say SORRY for sucking at updating my blog...everytime i sit down to do it Lilly needs something...or the other kids want something. I have to use my computer to edit pics and such and i never have it on as it tends to overheat it takes FOREVER to startup. Hope you enjoy the pics!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I got a new lens!! 50mm 1.4...i am loving it. So here are some pics i snapped when i got my lens...this is sydney {Cathy's daughter}...she was so excited to hold Lilly and i have to say she was so comfortable holding her even when Lilly fussed...Sydney just popped the binky in her mouth and rocked her...Lilly ended up falling asleep on her. :)

I gotta tell you that it is near impossible to get all kids looking at the camera and smiling at just doesn't happen. This was like picture number 10...i guess it will have to do!! LOL

My sweet girl is just growing so much..she is smiling and cooing A LOT now...she loves to be snuggled and held...her fav place to lay is up on your shoulder. She is now 6 weeks old!!!!!!! Where is the time going???

I love this picture of PJ and Lilly...there she is snoozing away in her fav spot!!

Stay tuned for some "angry mob" pics...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

5K run/walk...

This weekend we had friends come to visit with us...Tom and Jennie and Toby came to see Lilly {and us of course!!}. Saturday morning we all got up and took part in the Nyla Luvison 5K run/walk. We signed up for the race walk as i was not up for running a 5K just yet!! LOL It was so much fun....
The guys and Jennie took off like a rocket...i walked at my slower pace with Miss Lilly chill'in in her snuggly! PJ had Madison on his back in the backpack and Tom and Jennie had strollers with the boys in them.

About half way through the race PJ and Jennie switched...she took Maddie on her back!!!!!!!! Crazy girl...but i guess it was better than trying to push the stroller from hell! LOL Here are the guys coming down the other side of the road we were going up!

The finish line!!!!!!!! YEAH...we made it!! Jennie was sweet and slowed her pace down to walk with me {THANK YOU!!}...i am sure she got quite the workout with Madison on her back!! ETA...PJ actually placed and won a lovely trophie which is placed proudly beside the one i won 3 years ago when i did the 5K race with my Sister and Mum!! {that was right after Madison was born} sister got 1st place, i got 2nd and my Mum got 3rd!!! :)

After the race was done they had a little kids race...we lined the kids up and away they went...Matthew took off and was so determined to win...and he did!! I love the last picture on my blog...the look on his face is awesome...then you can see Toby behind him just having a great time!! It cracks me up! LOL

Maddie was so funny...she was typical little Princess girl...well first of all she didn't have any Benji {her little buddy} had to let her borrow some Thomas the Tank sneakers {which she has not had off her feet since!! LOL} when the horn went off Madison stood there watching everyone else run...then she decides to go...just jogging along loving every minute!! LOL She was so proud of herself...she was so pumped up that she ran everywhere the rest of the day...saying how fast she could run!

Miss Lilly was so good the whole morning...just hanging out in the snuggly!

This is my FAV pic! Look at Matthews determined!
The rest of the day we {well I napped} along with the kids...then we grabbed some pizza and Johnny's lunch {YUCK!} and headed to the park for a "picnic" was a good time.
Pictures were taken by Jennie...i forgot my camera.
The last picture there was actually from the newspaper...they sent me a copy of it :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Creative Scrappers...

I was recently asked by an awesome fellow scrapbooker if i would be the guest designer for her "creative scrappers sketch blog"...i was very excited to be a part of this...i have never used a sketch before so it was a challenge for me...but a FUN one! :) Of course i have a million gorgeous newborn pics of Miss i just had to scrap one. Here is the link to the creative scrappers blog...check it out, there is a lot of ideas and inspiration there.

We have had a super busy but VERY FUN weekend that i will be blogging about check back tomorrow to see what we have been up to!!! :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Enough to give any Mother heart failure!! So i look out my kitchen window this afternoon to see my son doing this.....

So of course the natural thing to do is grab the camera and take some pics...even though it completely freaked me out to see him jump so high...he LOVED every second of it and LOVED that i took his pic doing it! BOYS!

Bead Trends...

I got this in the mail about a month ago...right after Lilly was born. I am only now getting around to posting it on my blog. I have never really made much using beads but took a notion while pregnant to give it a i decided to make a cute little wall hanging for Madisons new big girl bedroom! it was so easy to make and turned out pretty cute {i think anyway!}. Madison LOVES it.
This magazine is beautiful...the projects in it are inspiring. I have loved looking through it for inspiration for my next bead project!! ;) This was my very first time published by this mag. They sent me a GC for a bead company...i can't wait to go check it out and buy some cool new beads. is the little project i made. I used a MM metal frame and punched holes in it along the bottom using my crop-a-dile. I used wire and hooks to attach the beads and Heidi Swapp ghost shapes {i also added gems to my ghost shapes.}.

**And just cause you will all want to know....Lilly was 1 MONTH OLD yesterday!!!! Ahhhhhhhh...time is going in too quickly. :( Sorry Janine there is no slowing this girl down.

Monday, July 7, 2008

This is just a quick post...i have started watching kids again so i gotta make this QUICK!! LOL I love these pics of the kids all playing together on Lilly's blanket. I had put her on the floor for tummy time...she managed to scoot her way to the corner of the blanket and roll onto her side!! She is a determined little thing...she never lays still. We might be in trouble when she really starts getting around!! LOL The older 2 kids decided to join her on the blanket...she loved just laying there watching them.

This is what she does...grabs the blanket and uses her feet to push herself along!! Pretty smart :)

We had a great 4th of July...we went to the parade and baked in the sun for 3 hours waiting to see Brian {my BIL} and his float...that he got 1st prize for!!! We then went to a BBQ at my sisters house...Brian is also a chef and makes the BESTEST burgers EVER!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Today i packed the kids up, Lilly in the snugli, Madison in the stroller and Matthew walking and went to visit PJ at the Outpost store. He was working there this afternoon...Lilly just loves her snugli time.

Then when Daddy was done in the Outpost we headed to the playground, Matthew wanted to ride on Daddy's here they are cruising along.

Maddie LOVES to swing...that's what she spends the entire time at the playground doing....she could care less about the slides and climbing wall...or the roundabout...or any of that other stuff...she just wants to swing the whole time. The higher the better too! ;)

Just a cute pic of 2 CUTE kids :) Well...Lilly is now 3 weeks and 3 days old!! Things are going well. She sleeps pretty good at night only waking every 3 hours or so to eat then right back to sleep she goes. She grunts and squeaks A LOT...usually keeps Daddy awake most of the night with her cute noises!! LOL She LOVES her binkie thanks to Madison who insists she has it every time she squeaks! Matthew is GREAT with her...he is so helpful to me. He talks to her all the time and loves to hold her. He is so sweet and gentle with her...i can tell she loves him too because when he is around she follows his voice or trys hard to focus on his face.
Maddie is not feeling good these days...she has a horrible cold and cough. Poor girl. She hates it because she can't hold Lilly incase she gives it to her. :(
So that's our update.
We are loving being a family of 5, everyone is adjusting nicely!!