Monday, April 30, 2007

Here i go again...

Yep...that's right, i am off again tomorrow morning...
We are heading to Lancaster...i am looking forward to it...the food is always YUMMY and we get to swim and shop...there are some meetings it should be a relaxing fun time!!

I got busy scrapping last night using some more of my OPAAT May kit! I made the layout of Matthew...he just has the cutest smile...when he smiles right...he is at the age were is squishes his face all up trying to smile so i LOVE getting shots of him smiling for real!!! :)

Well...i will keep my blog up while i am gone...i hope you have a GREAT week...

Some more OPAAT goodness!!

I have some scrappy goodness to share with you this morning!
i have been busy playing with my OPAAT May kit!!
I made this mini album and box for my early Mothers Day gift!! ;)
this kit has been so fun to work with...i still have TONS left so i plan on creating a layout tonight!!

Hey guess what...i am leaving tomorrow AGAIN!!
i should say "we" are leaving as in...Me, my DH and kids...we are going to Lancaster...for a conference/retreat. We will be back thursday...i will have my lappy not to will have plenty of pics to see and i will keep you posted on our week {Janine!!}...

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!

I relaxed...scrapped...cleaned...and helped my Sister make some wedding invites...ok 100 invites!!!!!!!! But they are cute! i'll maybe post a pic later if she will let me!!! LOL

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Home sweet home...

Well we made it home!

The kids slept for the first 1.5 of our 4.5 hour journey!!

They were good for the most part...but Madison made a new game of dropping her taggie and stuffed animals on the floor then SQUEALED for me to pick them up! That game got OLD quick!! So i told her that if she dropped them again she was done and i was putting them in my bag...She dropped them AGAIN!! OMGOSH! So she didn't get them back...and the squealing continued the rest of the way home!

On a happier note...we had a GREAT might wonder how staying in a hotel room with 2 two year olds went...actually it went GREAT...they had so so so much fun!! They slept wonderful...the early mornings were tough for me...but we survived! We got to shop...swim...and play on the playground...we ate at the Olive Garden twice in one week...which is such a nice treat!! Thank you for reading my blog and keeping track of me this week...i LOVED reading the comments from all of you!! And if you are a lurker...drop me a message, i'd love to hear from you!! :)

I have been busy scrapping away...i got my OPAAT May kit before i left...i am the featured designer this month so please check out and leave me and the others some LOVE!! :)

I am posting on of the projects i got completed before i's about my LOVE of all things pink!!

i have more projects in the keep checking back!!
I also have to share with you that OPAAT is on the search for their winter design team...check out the site for more information...i have had such a blast working with this team...the designers have been AWESOME to work with and the kits are seriously beautiful...and so easy to work with...Capella, Toni and Julie are amazing sweet and easy to get along with...Capella is so generous and helpful. give it a could be the next OPAAT girl!!! :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Today has been cold and a little wet...this morning we just hung out in the hotel room...we went for a walk around the hallways...and then i took them to the vending machines for a treat...OMGOSH! They thought that was the best thing ever!!! They were both squealing with delight as the treats fell down!!! LOL...SO CUTE!
We are going shopping tonight and back to Olive Garden!!

Here are some pics of the kids playing and such! Hope you enjoy them!!

*Matthew i hope you had fun with Daddy watching your movie and having a sleepover!!! How fun!!

*PJ...Did you mail those buttons??!! And take the letters to Kay?? ;) Thanks!!

Well...i gotta go..the guy is here to clean our very stinky isn't so fun having 2 stinky kids in one room...although i have to admit it has mostly been Madison stinking the place up!! Poor guy...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We like to RUN......

These kiddos run EVERYWHERE...they run the hallways...they run outside,,,they run in the hotel room...they run at the run wonder i am so tired by the end of the day!!! LOL

Here are some pics of our day so far...

We walked {i mean ran} around the outside of the hotel this morning...i got some cute pics of that...

Then we went to the playground for lunch again...i remembered my camera this time!! So lots of running and climbing and sliding!! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lots of pics and LOTS of Fun!!

We just had a busy busy day!! But the kids had so much fun!

We got up and ready and i packed both kids in the double stroller to head to the playground only to find out there were NO SIDEWALKS!! The road was so busy so i had to turn and come back to the hotel...both kids just cried and said "No Hotel...No Hotel" So when we got back i got them ready and went swimming instead...i was nervous about the pool...and having 2 two year olds in a large swimming of course before i left i made PJ buy floaties...for both kids...double ring...LOL..

They had a GREAT time in the pool...i didn't get pics of them actually in the pool because i didn't want to leave them unattended for long...

For lunch Laura grabbed sandwiches and we drove to the playground...where the kiddos ran CRAZY!! They had so much fun...Madison even went down the slides by herself!! Again...i forgot my camera, no pics of this :(

After the playground adventure it was definitely time for nap...both kids were sooooooo exhausted they were seriously sleeping within seconds of laying them down!! This was after a complete meltdown in the elevator!!! LOL

Tonight we went shopping and i found FOREVER 21 store!!! LOVE it! I got some cute shirts...i heard about this store on Elsie Flannigans blog so of course i had to check it out!!! Such a cute store...i KNOW my sister Janine would LOVE it!! ;)

After getting lost or not being able to find our way out of the Mall parking lot...we found Burger King...both kids were STARVING!! Madison spotted SpongeBob right away...and squealed with delight!! LOL...

Well it has been a long day here in Harrisburg so i am going to end it here...

i hope you enjoy the pictures... :)

Matthew...I promise i won't forget to come home!! How was picture day at Preschool???? Did Daddy do a good job dressing you very handsome.

GOOD MORNING Daddy and Matthew!!!

Hey there...

6am is an early start but that is what time Miss Madison decided to get up!!

Here are some pics of the kids drinking their milk and watching cartoons...

I also took a pic of them last night at bedtime...Madison wanted to checkout Benji's bed they went crazy in there for a while...we actually managed to get a good nights sleep...i wasn't sure how that would work out... ;)

Hope you guys are all well...


Monday, April 23, 2007

Puff Puffs and diggers...

Well we made it to Harrisburg with not too much trouble...

just drove 50 miles out of our way!!! LOL

The kids are doing GREAT...they have fallen inlove with Fruity Puffs all over again! It has been a while since they have had the "puff Puff" snack and they just want to eat it all the time!

We went to the Olive Garden for dinner tonight...which went quite smoothly...just a couple of fits over food and "Puff puffs"!!! LOL There was a digger parked outside so of course the kids had to check it out and get their picture taken!!
The other picture is of Miss Madison having a bath...drinkng the water as it flowed down into the bath...She missed her Daddy bath...Mommy is not nearly as fun!!!

Tomorrow we have big plans for the pool and the playground...fingers crossed i don't get lost on the way to the playground!!!

I'll keep you posted on my check in!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Little Princess... we went WEDDING shopping on Saturday for my sisters wedding...Madison is going to be the flower girl...soooooooo OF COURSE she had to get a "Princess" dress...well, OMGOSH does she LOVE her dress!!! It was the first one she tried on and she was so pleased with it! She paraded up and down the store like she was royality...she would stop and glance in the mirror every now and then and say "So toot" {which means" So cute"}...i can't wait to see her on the actual wedding day...the dress is actually going to have a deep pink bow instead of the ivory bow that is on it...and she is also going to wear little leopard print ballet pumps...which are thee CUTEST little shoes i have EVER seen!!!!!! SO TOOT!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

First passport pic!!

Ok so today we decided we should get Madison her own passport as we are heading to Ireland in September...apparently it is taking about 10 weeks to get a passport these days so we want to make sure we get it on time!!!!!!!!

We had to take her to CVS and have her pic taken...funniest thing EVER!! She totally turned into this little Miss...she would not do anything we asked her to do...she just looked so grumpy. The CVS guy thought it was so funny...he said it was the best passport picture is has ever taken!!! LOL So Miss Madison...this is the face on your passport for the next 10 years!!!

Sweet Escape...


Miss Madison LOVES this song!! Since she heard Gwen sing it on American Idol a couple of weeks ago she sings it a lot now!!! She is so cute singing along...
Madison is our little dancing, singing girl...she is such a wee showoff and drama queen...just like her Aunt Heather!!! LOL

Enjoy the music video!
Finally figured out how to add one after Monica gave me great instructions!!! Thanks girl!


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wednesday madness...

So it's Wednesday again..
LOVE these pics of my kiddos...can't wait to scrap them!!! :)
Madison got the "My fur real" kitty for her birthday and she loves it! So cute to watch her "feed" it and she laughs everytime it purrs...CUTE!
Matthew was enjoying the warm weather we had there for about 2 days...before the snow feel again!

We have church tonight which is always fun..and a bit crazy!!!

I love that i don't have to cook though...LOVE Wednesday night cafe!

Tonight we are having movie night for the kids...we'll see how 20 some little kids sit through a movie!! Madison will be a little Miss i just know it!!! LOL

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hey guys,

Ok i know i have made 3 posts in ONE day but i had to post a little about OPAAT kits! They are FABULOUS!! You must must check out the May kit...Capella got adorable stamps made just for us!! they will be in the main kit...the cutest owl you have ever seen and some lovely flower stamps...the paper...ohhhh the gorgeous!! I cannot wait to get this should be here anytime now!!! So head on over to and order your won't be disappointed i PROMISE!! :)

pic's and such...

Here is my new fav layout of Miss Madison and PJ...i love it :) The shrinky letters are so cool...i must get more of those...hehe
i can already see that this blogging thing can get addictive!!

Happy tuesday!

long time no blogg'in!!
I "lost" my blog!!! LOL i have some layouts i want to share but need to figure out how to upload pics and such. was my birthday sunday, had a great day...
Matthew bought me cute pink crocs and a pretty necklace from AE.
He is so sweet...PJ said he knew exactly what to get me...he knows i LOVE pink!!! :)

Well i am going to try and figure this blog thing out...
if you can help me with uploading pics please do!!!
Step by step instructions are best....hehe