Tuesday, November 11, 2008

5 months old and some new tricks :)

Well Lilly is 5 months old as of Saturday...she is changing so much. I love to watch her grow and develope and learn new things. right now she is REALLY into her toys...rattles in particular. She gets MAD when she drops them. Today {Tuesday} i called PJ to work and asked him to pick me up some baby cereal for Lilly to try at lunch today. Well by looking at her reaction you might think she didn't like it! LOL But honestly she ate it up...and loved it! She might have gagged a couple of times but she got mad if you took the spoon away! hehe....so our baby is starting solids. Always a good time...i remember when Matthew started solids he just LOVED them, he couldn't get enough food in his mouth at one time! LOL Madison she HATED them...she would spit them out and cry and scream and make all kinds of horrible faces like we were feeding her worms or something nasty! Lilly...she just goes with the flow...she is very laid back and easy going {like her Mom!!! LOL ;)
Last night i got some scrapping done!! YEAH! I made this layout first...my sister took the pics after Lilly was born in June and i LOVE LOVE LOVE them. This is just a simple little page about being a sister :) Then...i decided to make a Princess Maddie mini!! I LOVE this...well actually i LOVE the pictures and i think they make the mini. These are Madisons Halloween pictures {again my sister took them}. I used a clear album and added lots of girlie goodness :) Madison LOVES it!


Janine said...

Awww the sisters layout almost made me cry!!!!! Adorable! And the princess Maddie one is sooo cute!

LOVE the gagging face - too funny! Can't believe she is on solids already. Is there NOTHING you can do to slow down the growth process?? LOL!

I miss them :(


Julie said...

Love the pics of Lillie she is growing so fast.

Great page and mini too.

Michelle said...

Janine...Unfortunately there is nothing i can do to stop them from growing. I am sorry :( But on the up side...you do get to see them again REALLY soon!!!

Angela said...

Lovely layout and adorable mini! Cant believe she is already 5 months!!! Love the photo of her trying soilids :)

Melissa said...

You always do such beautiful work!

I can't believe it's been five months already! :)

Cathy said...

gosh, it doesn't seem real she is 5 months already!!
great mini album and layout!! :)